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Not only does Thermo Fisher Scientific offer Gibco™ sera that are ISIA Traceability Certified, but we now also employ fetal bovine serum (FBS) fingerprinting technology to provide empirical and statistical certainty over the origin and authenticity. Both traceability and fingerprinting give our customers the transparency and confidence they demand from their FBS supplier. Since serum is the only ingredient in cell culture that is undefined, researchers are often convinced that when things go wrong, it’s the result of bad serum. In addition to traceability testing, FBS fingerprinting can help take the “un” out of undefined—and help researchers get the best-quality serum in every bottle.

Gibco FBS fingerprinting, powered by Oritain

We have developed a technology in partnership with Oritain that helps ensure the quality of sera obtained from low viral risk regions. Gibco FBS fingerprinting powered by Oritain measures the naturally occurring elements in the environment that are absorbed by plants, animals, and soils, and then compiles those measurements into a “fingerprint”.  Using this fingerprint, we can link serum to its specific geographical location—providing a robust means to verify if a product is genuine. We can create a “fingerprint” that links a serum to its specific geographical location—providing a robust means to verify if a product is genuine. Gibco sera are the first to be offered with this technology, giving scientists reassurance regarding the origin of each serum.

Basis for FBS fingerprinting. Naturally occurring elements are absorbed by organisms, soil, and water. Levels of these elements vary geographically, meaning the concentrations found in natural products such as FBS are different depending on the environment where a source animal or plant was produced.


The collection process. (1) Product samples are collected. (2) Samples are analyzed to determine fingerprints. (3) Fingerprints are stored in a database and are ready to audit against “suspect” samples.


Origin analysis graphs


Statistical representation of the chemical fingerprint of origin for Australian, Brazilian, Mexican, New Zealand and USA derived Fetal Bovine Serum.  Each 3D graph is a different perspective of the same data set.  Lot # described in this report is labeled with a black star.

Why do FBS prices fluctuate constantly?

See the video explains the market dynamics of the FBS/Sera industry on how there are many aspects (i.e. Climate) that impact the industry especially the price. Watch now

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International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) traceability certification

Effective February 12, 2014, ISIA traceability certification was awarded to Gibco by Thermo Fisher Scientific. This certification provides researchers with peace of mind and the confidence that Gibco sera are manufactured under the highest traceability standards, offering quality and performance for your research.

What does traceability certification mean?

  • We maintain records of traceability from origin throughout the supply chain for all serum batches.
  • We maintain the history for both quality and quantity of material, from point of collection through final processing.
  • We retain the documentation supporting all stages of processing, transportation, and commercial transactions.

Is your current supplier certified?

International Serum Industry Association (ISIA) traceability seal

What more can we do to gain your trust and confidence in our FBS products? Please submit your thoughts and ideas. We take all ideas and suggestions seriously and may reach out to you to discuss your submission in more detail. Thank you.