Today's laboratory experiments often require products and services that fall outside the range of standard kit configurations and sizes provided by typical life science reagent companies. Specialized protocols may quickly consume reagents in large volumes. For these situations, Life Technologies kits, reagents, and enzymes are all available in bulk sizes that can help save both time and resources. Life Technologies is working hard to accelerate research.

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Accelerate Your Research With Custom Solutions

Custom Kits & Reagents

If your protocol requires a set of reagents not sold in the marketplace, you may be left to piece together kits or make your own reagents. Life Technologies can develop and manufacture customized reagents for your specialized protocol.

  • Custom reagent formulations or kit configurations
  • Custom reagent packaging volumes, including sizes for automated systems or high-throughput needs
  • Custom enzyme purification and recombinant protein manufacturing

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Bulk Sizes of Most Catalog Items

Specialized protocols can quickly consume reagents, requiring you to open and store hundreds of tubes and bottles. Life Technologies provides many kits, reagents, and enzymes in bulk sizes that help reduce costs, save time, and free up laboratory space. You choose the solution volumes and container sizes. We fill and package according to your specifications.

  • Kits and kit components
  • PCR master mixes and custom PCR assays
  • Buffers and enzymes

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Custom Applications & Product Development

If you have a challenging sample or you’re working with a new technology, standard kits may not address your specific needs. From sample preparation to gene expression studies, our scientists can customize and integrate various technologies provided by Life Technologies to offer streamlined workflow solutions.

  • Implementation of kits and reagents on major open-platform automated systems
  • Protocol optimization for challenging samples and technologies
  • Development of new protocols for novel applications

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For research use only.  Not for human or animal therapeutic or diagnostic use.