To avoid sample breakdown and allow for the most accurate analysis and profiling results, a stabilization reagent should be added to the blood samples prior to RNA purification. This also allows for long term storage of samples.

To minimize the high ribonuclease (RNase) activity in blood plasma, we offer two options: 1) blood samples can be drawn directly into Tempus™ Blood RNA Tubes, which contain a stabilizing reagent, 2) addition of RNAlater® Stabilization Solution immediately after blood sample collection.”

Which RNA extraction kit from blood sample is right for you?

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  Optimized for liquid samples Specialized kit deplete non-nucleated erythrocytes HTP optimized for purification from stabilized blood samples HTP format,capable of recovering RNA of all sizes (including microRNAs) High RNA yield directly from whole blood, no need to isolate WBCs
  TRIzol® LS PureLink™ Total RNA Blood Kit MagMAX™ for Stabilized Blood Tubes RNA Isolation Kit MagMAX mirVana Total RNA Isolation RiboPure™ Blood Kit
Top Seller        
Compatible stabilization reagents EDTA, Heparin, Citrate, RNAlater® EDTA, Heparin, Citrate Tempus™ or PaxGene® tubes EDTA or Citrate EDTA, Heparin, Citrate, RNAlater®
Stabilization reagent included        
Isolation method High purity organic extraction (requires alcohol precipitation) Fast, convenient silica column Scalable, flexible format with magnetic beads Scalable, flexible format with magnetic beads Highest purity & convenience; includes both organic extraction & silica column (no precipitation required)
Prep time 1 hour 20 minutes 12 tubes in 2 hours 96 samples in <1 hr 30 minutes
High throughput compatible      

For more info on working with blood please review our technical articles: