Direct Heat CO2 Incubator

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For advanced or basic culturing, our direct heat incubators feature efficient, high-performance heaters located on every chamber surface, providing even temperature distribution throughout the entire chamber.

Popular direct heat CO2 incubators

Your cultures are valuable, often irreplaceable. Surround them with an environment you can trust. We offer a variety of direct heat CO2 incubators to meet your needs, including models from our Thermo Scientific™ Heracell™ and Forma™ product families.

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Highlighting innovative design features and useful applications information for Thermo Scientific™ CO2 Incubators. 

Topics discussed:

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  • Why does the location of sensors in my CO2 incubator affect responses from my cultured cells? Read more
  • How can using the wrong type of water to provide in-chamber humidity cause corrosion in my CO2 incubator? Read more
  • Why is a circulating fan essential to superior growth conditions in a CO2 cell culture incubator? Read more
  • Why is automated heat decontamination a better solution for sterilizing my CO2 incubator than an automated chemical disinfection, such as in situ hydrogen peroxide vapor? Read more
  • How does a CO2 resistant shaker provide greater reliability, flexibility and ease of use for varied cell culture applications, compared to a dedicated incubated CO2 shaker? Read more

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See THRIVE active airflow in action

Thermo Scientific™ THRIVE™ active airflow technology provides faster recovery and uniformity for consistent results. Cells experience total recovery of all critical growth parameters in less than 10 minutes following a door opening.