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Samples are precious and so is time. Thermo Scientific Savant SpeedVac vacuum concentrators, refrigerated vapor traps and pumps use state-of-the-art centrifugation, vacuum, and heat technologies for removing solvents and concentrating samples while maintaining sample integrity.

SpeedVac Vacuum Concentrators are constructed by the pioneers in the vacuum concentration space. The product’s reliable construct allows customers to operate the instrument with ease.

Choose from any of the eight models of vacuum concentrator to suit your needs from biological to non-biological samples from low to high volume samples. SpeedVac Vacuum Concentrators come with presets protocols programmed into the machine. With a push of a button, the instrument operates on its own, with minimal supervision.

Featured vacuum concentrators and kits

Savant SpeedVac
DNA 130 Integrated
Vacuum Concentrator System

Savant SpeedVac
Integrated Systems
SPD1030   |   SPD2030

Savant SpeedVac
Large Vacuum Concentrator

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Vacuum concentrator categories

From traditional drying down of DNA preparations in water and methanol, to the more complex and aggressive applications presented by the combinatorial chemistry and drug discovery sectors of the pharmaceutical industry, we have the systems for your lab.

New product features for the all new SpeedVac Vacuum Concentrators include:

  • User interface with programmability functions
  • Pre-set programs by solvent types
  • Lid lock, Lid stay/Lid lowering mechanism
  • Audible alarm to signal completion of run
  • USB port to export live data (run time, heat time)

Improve productivity and safety by using the appropriate accessory for your needs. Vacuum pumps, tubing kits, chemical and vapor trap, heat transfer fluid, vacuum pump oil are some examples of these accessories.

Select from a wide variety of rotors and rotor blocks to suit various sample volume and formats from microcentrifuge tubes, flasks, microplates. Traditional rotors are circular rotors that have many different tube hole sizes to accommodate different sample sizes and types. They are easy to use and require no additional tools and will fit directly into the vacuum concentrator of your choice.

Featured product specification sheets:


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