Invitrogen Assays for Luminex Platform

Support for pre-existing (non-ProcartaPlex) Invitrogen multiplex immunoassays

Invitrogen™ multiplex assays enable simultaneous measurement of multiple proteins per well using as little as 25 μL of sample. This technology produces results comparable to ELISA but with greater efficiency, speed, and dynamic range. Plus, multiplexing is less expensive per target than ELISA. With our flexible formats you can purchase premixed multiplex panels, mix your own singleplex kits in polystyrene or magnetic bead form or have us mix it for you through our custom services.

New to multiplexing? Try ProcartaPlex assays first.

We recommend that new customers select from our Invitrogen™ ProcartaPlex™ assay portfolio, which offers high-quality antibody-based immunoassays for multiplex measurement with an industry-leading menu of desired protein targets. Existing customers of our legacy Invitrogen Novex (non-ProcartaPlex) multiplex immunoassays can continue to obtain support and custom-blending services via the contact information and product information provided on this page.

Need help?

We offer complimentary in-person consulting through our field application scientists (FAS). Our team of specialists will answer your technical questions, help you choose an assay or configure a panel, troubleshoot and more—face to face or on the phone, at no cost. Contact us at for personalized assistance.

Pre-existing Invitrogen multiplex immunoassays

Our multiplex kits undergo rigorous quality testing and are calibrated against our corresponding ELISA kits where available to show comparable analytical results between protein analysis platforms.

Assay features:

  • Fast and efficient—simultaneous analysis of up to 100 proteins using only 50 μL
  • Accessible—a broad menu of Invitrogen immunoassay kits based on xMAP™ technology
  • Economical—helps reduce time and costs compared to running multiple western blots and ELISA assays
  • High specificity—lower cross-reactivity with other targets

Singleplex, multiplex and custom assay options:

  • Singleplex assays can be used to analyze individual protein targets—mix your own custom panels or try premixed multiplex assays
  • Premixed multiplex assays are available for the most widely-studied cytokines, adhesion proteins, and growth factors for human, primate (monkey), mouse, rat, and swine research samples
  • Custom assays from a range of available protein targets, blended for you by our team to optimize for low background, high signal-to-noise ratios, and linearity of dilution

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