Customizable consulting and services packages for ultimate convenience

We offer a variety of flexible options to help you maximize your resources. From by-the-hour consulting with our industry-leading bioinformatics professionals to customizable prepaid packages to on-site software and IT upgrades, we’ll work with you to determine the most productive and cost-effective way to meet your bioinformatics goals. One of our specialists will be happy to discuss your project needs and determine the solutions that work best for you. Contact us today.

Flexible bioinformatics consulting solutions for your changing needs

When you need help planning or designing an experiment, or considering analysis options, our seasoned bioinformatics professionals will consult with you to help ensure that you make full use of the powerful sequencing and analysis tools at your disposal.

Our bioinformaticians have extensive experience analyzing NGS data across a number of platforms and applications. In addition, they have helped a wide range of different customers overcome their bioinformatics challenges. After an initial discussion regarding your research, we will match you with a bioinformatics professional who possesses knowledge and experience specific to your needs and requirements. These services are offered on an hourly consulting basis or as part of our Bioinformatics Professional Services Package.

Our consulting services include:

  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Service
  • Experimental design consultation
  • Torrent Variant Caller parameter optimization
  • Ion Reporter™ workflow design
  • Ancillary software analysis file creation and formatting
  • Additional software/analysis training via Webex® software
  • Data management consultation

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Bioinformatics Professional Service Packages help you learn faster and discover more
  • Apply your Ion Torrent™ NGS data to specific research applications, including targeted, exome, transcriptome, and microbial sequencing
  • Discover new workflows to help you find and compare variants
  • Learn how to characterize and prioritize mutations
  • Optimize your experimental design and maximize discoveries from your data
  • Effectively manage your data with IT computation and storage solutions

The Life Technologies™ Bioinformatics Professional Service Package menu includes:

Bioinformatics data analysis options
One-to-one consulting and custom data analysis on specific sequencing applications

Item Bioinformatics data analysis
Time (hr)
Targeted resequencing 3
Amplicon sequencing 3
Exome sequencing 3
Whole genome sequencing* 3
Ion AmpliSeq™ technology 3

Bioinformatics training options
At a Life Technologies facility or remotely via virtual classrooms with hands-on exercises

  • Torrent Suite™ Software
  • Variant calling
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ data analysis
  • Ion Reporter™ software
  • Custom data analysis: workflows, algorithms, experiment design, and application-specific data analysis

IT professional services options*
Data management, Torrent Server and Linux® OS maintenance, and Torrent Suite™ Software updates

Item IT professional administration services Time (hrs)
18 IT consulting services 1
19 Remote software updates for Torrent Server 1
IT administration for NGS data and bioinformatics software

As an extension of your in-house IT support, we offer peace of mind through ongoing Linux® Operating System (OS) maintenance, Torrent Suite™ Software updates, Torrent Server performance reports, and help with data management and archiving. You don’t have to be an IT expert or rely on in-house capabilities—you can focus on your research and your discoveries.

The IT administration package features:

  • Initial IT phone consultation to understand your specific requirements and tailor your support
  • One-business-day email responses for quick answers
  • Remote Torrent Server software updates (Life Technologies™ software only), software plugin installations, and ongoing Linux® OS support save you time
  • Quarterly report of system usage, activities, and security to enable better planning
  • Data management support to help keep in-house storage space available
    • Mounting and integrating compatible data archive storage devices§
    • Organizing and storing data
    • Backing up, archiving, and transferring data
  • Configuring web page accessibility to facilitate connections with the online Ion interface
  • An exit consultation at the conclusion of the support period for continued success

On-site software upgrades for Torrent Suite™ software
Our Field Service Engineers can come to your facility and perform Torrent Suite™ software upgrades on site, including installation and verification that software upgrades are running properly.

Custom high-performance cluster installation services and upgrades
Our IT specialists will design, test, and integrate high-performance clusters (HPC) customized specifically to your system. This service includes installation, setup, network configuration, and testing of the entire hardware and software system. Our HPC service includes up to 4 Torrent Suite™ software upgrades per year, installed on up to 4 nodes. These upgrades include running a test analysis to verify that the software upgrades are performing to the manufacturer’s specifications. Custom HPC installation services and upgrades can be done virtually or on site, depending on your specific needs and requirements.

*Small genome
Coming soon
§ “Compatible data archive storage devices” refers to USB drives and preexisting NFS (shares which need to be set up on the server). Any advanced setup, such as configuring an external storage solution, will be billed separately.