Thanks for visiting us at AAI. If you couldn’t make it or you weren’t able to take items of interest, don’t worry—all the materials from our booth are available here. Click on the item you would like to view to download the file.

Most documents below are in PDF format.

Cell Culture and Counting

Gibco™ Cell Culture Basics Handbook

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Gibco™ Exosome-Depleted FBS Flyer

Countess™ II FL Brochure


Transfection Handbook

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Lipofectamine™ MessengerMAX™ Reagent Flyer

Flow Cytometry

Flow Cytometry Product and Resource Guide Brochure

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Attune™ NxT Cytometer Brochure

Attune™ NxT Cytometer Reagent Selection Guide

Cell Imaging and Analysis

70 Journal

Scientific Poster: Intracellular detection of hypoxia in live cells

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Molecular Probes™ Handbook

EVOS™ Imaging Systems Brochure

Fluorophore Selection Guide Poster

EVOS™ Imaging Systems Reference Guide

Hypoxic Conditions on EVOS™ FL Auto Instrument Application Note

Antibodies and Immunoassays

Cancer Proliferative Pathways Handbook

Immunoassay Brochure

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Cancer Proliferative Pathways Handbook Flyer


Alexa Fluor™ Secondary Antibodies Flyer

Luminex Assay Brochure

Superclonal™ Antibodies Flyer