Biology for a better world

Improve biomarker signature discovery and validation through multi-omics

How do you discover and shortlist cancer-driver events? Are you sure your signature is statistically significant? Is your single 'omics analysis approach introducing bias?

A growing body of evidence suggests integrating multiple 'omics techniques as a better way to understand complex disease processes; identify and prioritize critical driver events; and explain diagnostic, prognostic, and predictive outcomes. Affymetrix offers a complete suite of technologies and reagents that can easily be combined for a multi-omics strategy for your cancer research.

Our solutions are:

  • Compatible with limited and challenging sample types (e.g., formalin-fixed, paraffin-embedded tissues)
  • Sensitive enough to detect all important genetic and transcriptomic changes
  • Economical so more samples can be run and more statistically significant data can be generated

Translational applications: