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To meet and mitigate risk—in both regulated and non-regulated environments—while balancing your business and lab requirements, Thermo Fisher Scientific offers a broad array of audit-quality compliance and validation services, ranging from risk assessment and hardware/software qualification to full system validation.

Whether you have limited in-house expertise, a validation plan that must be adapted to your current processes, or if you simply want a fixed-price plan to help ensure your regulatory requirements are met at installation and during operation, the Thermo Fisher Scientific compliance teams are available to help. Utilizing the latest technology, we will work directly with you to help you move more quickly into testing and production, control your validation costs, and minimize the frustration and burden of developing and maintaining compliance and change control.

Get compliance and validation services for Invitrogen, Applied Biosystems, and Ion Torrent instruments including real-time, digital, and end-point PCR instruments, next-generation and Sanger sequencing platforms, flow cytometers, and high-content screening instruments, as well as their connected computers and electronic records. 
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Which compliance services are right for me?

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Fit for Purpose (IQ/OQ/IPV)

Ensure your instrument is working to manufacturer’s specifications, complete with comprehensive document verification.

Pure Dye Calibration

A must-have for accurate, high- quality results on your Applied Biosystems real-time PCR system.

On-Site Temperature Verification for Thermal Cyclers

Ensure quality results by verifying thermal cycler temperatures.

Computer System Validation

Are you storing electronic records? Manage compliance risk, and let us help validate your software systems more quickly.

System Familiarization

Learn more about your instrument—professional instruction to help you establish instrument and laboratory best practices.

Validation and Support for Forensic Labs 

Our instrument, reagent, and software experts work closely with you to create custom product packages and training solutions that help you meet the validation requirements of your forensics laboratory.

Thermo Fisher Scientific, through Unity Lab Services, assists laboratories in assessing, developing and implementing regulatory validation solutions for all instruments and equipment, regardless of manufacturer. In addition to working with GxP facilities, we also provide compliance and validation services to facilities regulated by other national (e.g., EPA) or international regulations (e.g., EMA, ICH).

Thermo Fisher Scientific also provides specific compliance, validation and calibration services for thermometers, hydrographs, pipettes, ovens, baths, climactic chambers, electronic refractometers and balances.

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Our metrology/calibration services keep your laboratory equipment accurate and in efficient working order.

Qualification—IQ, OQ, and PQ

We can provide IQ, OQ, and PQ services after installation of a new device, after moving, after repairs, or after any other activity in order to facilitate regulatory requirements.

Relocation Services, Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) Development, Validation Services

Whether it’s for complex research or routine testing, our experts can recommend and provide the right solution to address laboratory challenges faced today and into the future, helping you drive decisions, maximize resources, and increase productivity including:  needs assessment, SmartRelocation:  Laboratory Relocation Services, and training programs

Pipette Calibration and Maintenance

Whether it's cGLP, cGMP, critical research, academia, or special requirements; our experienced service personnel are highly trained in providing exceptional care for all pipette models.