Pharmaceutical impurities workshop
Apr 17, 2018 - Apr 17, 2018

Hands-On Pharmaceutical Impurities Workshops

Impurity analysis is an essential part of pharmaceutical manufacture and subsequent storage as pharmaceutical impurities can be pharmacologically and toxicologically active and can also reinforce or diminish the pharmacological efficacy of the active pharmaceutical ingredient (API). For these reasons it is critical to identify and quantitate pharmaceutical impurities.

 In this one-day workshop you will gain:

  • Information on pharmaceutical impurities and associated regulations
  • Analytical options available for the identification, characterization and quantitation of pharmaceutical impurities; Strategies to improve throughput and robustness
  • Practical, hands-on, experience of analyzing and quantitating pharmaceutical impurities of Ibuprofen
  • The use and importance of reference standards in the workflow
  • Tips and tricks from experts for successful pharmaceutical impurity analysis

These events will appeal to both new and recent entrants to the field of pharmaceutical impurities looking to increase knowledge as well as more experienced analysts looking for ways to enhance and improve efficiency of current workflows.

Participation is free of charge. Registration is required. Lunch is provided.

We are hosting the pharmaceutical impurities workshops in collaboration with
LGC Standards.

Please note: Pharma Impurities Workshop, 17 April 2018 in Breda (Netherlands) has been postponed. 
The new date will be announced within the next weeks.

More events will be organized over the course of the year.


(coming soon)

Additional Resources

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