For high-quality oligonucleotide synthesis, modification and labeling, Thermo Scientific Phosphoramidites are a unification of our expertise in protection chemistries, manufacturing scale-up and innovative purification strategies. Specializing in custom chemistries for molecular diagnostic, therapeutic and research applications.


Standard DNA Phosphoramidites

  • Bz dA Phosphoramidite
  • Bz dC Phosphoramidite
  • iBu dG Phosphoramidite
  • T Phosphoramidite

TheraPure DNA Phosphoramidites

  • TheraPure Bz dA Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure Bz dC Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure iBu dG Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure T Phosphoramidite


2'-Fluoro Phosphoramidites

  • 2'-F Ac C Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-F Bz A Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-F U Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-F iBu G Phosphoramidite

Standard 2'-OMe Phosphoramidites

  • 2'-OMe Ac C Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-OMe Bz A Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-OMe iBu G Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-OMe iPrPAC G Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-OMe PAC A Phosphoramidite
  • 2'-OMe U Phosphoramidite

Standard RNA Phosphoramidites

  • Ac rC Phosphoramidite
  • Bz rA Phosphoramidite
  • iBu rG Phosphoramidite
  • rU Phosphoramidite

TheraPure RNA Phosphoramidites

  • TheraPure Ac rC Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure Bz rA Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure iBu rG Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure iPrPAC rG Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure PAC rA Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure rU Phosphoramidite

TheraPure 2'-OMe Phosphoramidites

  • TheraPure 2'-OMe Ac C Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure 2'-OMe Bz A Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure 2'-OMe iBu G Phosphoramidite
  • TheraPure 2'-OMe U Phosphoramidite

Specialty Phosphoramidites


  • 5'-Aminohexyl Linker Phosphoramidite
  • Phosphorylating Phosphoramidite
  • TFA-Aminolinker Phosphoramidite

Modified Nucleosides

  • 5-Me dC Phosphoramidite
  • dI Phosphoramidite
  • dU Phosphoramidite
  • N6-Methyl dA Phosphoramidite

Dye Phosphoramidites

DyLight Dye Labeled Phosphoramidites

  • DyLight DY547 Phosphoramidite
  • DyLight DY647 Phosphoramidite
  • DyLight DY677 Phosphoramidite
  • DyLight FAM-6 Phosphoramidite
  • DyLight Fluorescein Phosphoramidte

Fast Deprotect DNA Phosphoramidites

  • Ac dC Phosphoramidite
  • DMF dG Phosphoramidites

PAC DNA Phosphoramidites

  • iBu dC Phosphoramidite
  • iPrPAC dG Phosphoramidite
  • PAC dA Phosphoramidite


DNA Succinates

  • Bz dA Succinate
  • Bz dC Succinate
  • iBu dG Succinate
  • T Succinate

Synthesis Supports

RNA CPG Synthesis Supports

  • Ac rC CPG Synthesis Support, 500 Å
  • iPrPAC rG CPG Synthesis Support, 500 Å
  • PAC rA CPG Synthesis Support, 500 Å
  • rU CPG Synthesis Support, 500 Å