Custom assays: less guessing, more testing

Custom multiplex immunoassays, based on Luminex™ xMAP™ technology, maximize flexibility in experimental design, permitting the quantitation of one or multiple targeted proteins in unique panels designed by the researcher. For your convenience, each customized panel comes with reagents that are blended, optimized, tested, and designed for use with the Luminex systems you specify (100/200™, FLEXMAP 3D™, and/or MAGPIX™).

If we can plex it, you can get it

Our services feature Invitrogen ProcartaPlex Assays (i.e., “Mix&Match” panels), formerly of eBioscience. Use the following tool to select analytes of interest and immediately receive recommendations for the most effective solutions for your panel.

Luminex Panel Configurator and Selection Tool

Need help?

We offer complimentary in-person consulting through our field application scientists (FAS). Our team of specialists will answer your technical questions, help you choose an assay or configure a panel, troubleshoot and more—face to face or on the phone, at no cost. We also continue to support customers using our legacy Multiplex Immunoassays (non-ProcartaPlex panels). 

Contact us at for personalized assistance.

Featured custom Luminex assays

The ProcartaPlex family of assays, previously sold under the Affymetrix eBioscience brand, is now part of the Invitrogen brand of Thermo Fisher Scientific. The ProcartaPlex product portfolio offers superior antibody-based immunoassays for multiplex measurement with an industry-leading menu of desired protein targets. Choose ProcartaPlex assays to add multiplex measurement to your research.

We continue to offer products and support for customers of our pre-existing (non-ProcartaPlex) portfolio of Invitrogen assays for the Luminex platform.