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Guidelines for grant proposals

Grant proposals must conform to the following guidelines to be eligible for consideration.

  • Involves the usage of existing OpenArray® NT Imager and Real-Time Cycler platform for genomics studies
  • Written in English and contains a maximum of 500 words
  • Includes title and appropriate authors
  • Must be received by Life Technologies on or before August 3rd, 2012 11:59 p.m. PST
  • Includes a statement of the underlying project goals, project description, and the availability of informatics resources if needed
  • Includes a statement of the availability of appropriate input DNA, cDNA, or RNA samples (i.e. samples in your possession or samples to which you have readily available access from collaborators or sample repositories)
  • Proposal may include up to two figures and/or tables (figure/table legends not included as a part of the 500-word count limit)
  • Proposal may include appropriate references (references not included as part of the 500-word count limit)
  • Proposal may include a description of the statistical and other methods used to analyze the data generated in this project

An expert scientific Life Technologies review committee will review, score, and identify the winning proposals. The following criteria will be considered in the selection of the winners:

  • Novel scientific approaches
  • Potential impact on human health
  • Sample availability
  • Projects completed in less than two months from receiving materials from Life Technologies
  • Preference will be given to projects with defined and publishable end points
  • Pilot or proof-of-concept projects will also be considered for digital PCR applications

All grant submissions will be deemed confidential to the individual submitter and will not be published or distributed.

The winners will be announced on August 27th by email.

Program execution

The winning grant recipient(s) will be responsible for the experimental design and experimental execution on OpenArray® NT Imager or Real-Time PCR Cycler as well as the analysis and interpretation of the resulting data. Life Technologies will provide expert advice for project execution if such is requested by the investigator(s).

Publication of results

Experimental results will be shared and reviewed with Life Technologies upon project completion. However, Life Technologies will hold no editorial control and makes no further claims over any publications or information resulting from this grant. Life Technologies retains the right to use anonymized data in applications notes or other marketing literature.


To be eligible to submit a proposal, the following criteria must be met:

  • Must own the OpenArray® NT Imager or Real-Time PCR Cycler and be fully trained on the instrumentation (Training is not covered by the grant)
  • Owners of consignments or demo units are not eligible
  • Only one proposal submission is allowed per laboratory
  • Projects using QuantStudio™ OpenArray® plates on QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System with OpenArray® block are not eligible

Full rules and conditions can be found here.

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