Visit Life Technologies booth #17020 at the American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) 2013 Annual Meeting. Find out how Pervenio™ Lung RS†, a new prognostic multigene expression test, can help improve the management of non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) patients. Learn more about the applications of next-generation sequencing in cancer research with Ion Torrent™ systems and Ion AmpliSeq™ cancer panels. See how the highly interactive and visual Oncomine® tools provide an accessible environment for interrogating new data and analyses to address key questions in oncology research. Together with you, Life Technologies is committed to the pursuit of a world without cancer.

Attend our Presentations

Learn more about the application of our exciting technologies in the classification and treatment of lung cancer:

Impact of a multigene prognostic assay on postoperative management of early-stage non-small cell lung cancer
Presenters: Shane P. Dormady, Thierry Jahan, Michael J. Mann, David M. Jablons, Michael S. Broder, Alison H. DeCristofaro, and Ayanna Anene

A survey of thousands of tumor exomes and transcriptomes to expand clinical opportunities for crizotinib
Presenters: Emma T. Bowden, Sean Eddy, Paul Williams, Nickolay A. Khazanov, Armand Bankhead III, Dinesh Cyanam, Peter Wyngaard, and Daniel R. Rhodes

Featured Products and Services

At our booth, you’ll be able to get a closer look at, and learn more about, how we are powering the future of cancer care by providing evidence-based products and services, along with innovative genetic and genomic analysis solutions. Let’s discuss how we can work with you to advance oncology research and improve care.

Oncology Clinical Testing Services

Pervenio™ Lung RS test†

Learn how the management of early-stage, non-small-cell lung cancer (NSCLC) could benefit from better assessment of recurrence risk with Pervenio™ Lung RS, a new prognostic multigene expression test that can improve risk stratification of NSCLC patients.

Pervenio™ Lung Rx Therapy Selection Panel†‡

Learn how the Pervenio™ Lung Rx Therapy Selection Panel will empower care teams to make treatment decisions as targeted as the molecular therapies prescribed. Launching later this year.

  • Pervenio™ Lung Rx panel

Life Technologies Physician Portal‡

Obtain your completed test results and access client support information through our secure physician portal, launching later this year.

Semiconductor Chip–Based Next-Generation Sequencing and Ion AmpliSeq™ Panels for Cancer Research

Ion Torrent™ Systems

Discover how simple, scalable, sensitive, and fast next-generation sequencing can be.

  • Ion Proton® Sequencer*
  • Ion Personal Genome Machine® (PGM™) Sequencer*

Ready-to-use Ion AmpliSeq™ panels

Advance your cancer research with ready-to-use, community, and custom Ion AmpliSeq™ panels, used with the Ion PGM™ Sequencer for the fastest and most affordable benchtop next-generation sequencing solution.

  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Cancer Hotspot Panel*
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Comprehensive Cancer Panel*
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ Colon and Lung Cancer Panel*
  • Ion AmpliSeq™ BRCA1 and BRCA2 Panel*

Bioinformatics Solutions

Answer essential cancer research questions with Ion Torrent™ and Compendia Bioscience bioinformatics solutions.

Leverage the Oncomine® Workflow to Find Driver Mutations

The Ion Reporter™ Oncomine® workflow provides access to curated next-generation sequencing data, and is designed to assist with interpreting variants from data obtained on the Ion Torrent™ semiconductor sequencing platforms.

Accelerate Your Research

Profile your critical targets and biomarkers across thousands of retrospective deidentified patient tumor genomes online, in minutes.

Survey integrated and unified high-throughput cancer profiling data for target expression across a large volume of cancer types, subtypes, and experiments.