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Thanks to your valuable feedback, the evolution of excellence in pipetting takes a huge step forward. Each suggestion turned into a key feature that makes your life in the lab safer. Less stressful. More successful.

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F1-ClipTip Pipettes

Sealed in security. Feel the difference.

  • Tips lock in place with a light touch
  • A complete seal on every channel
  • Maintain precise sample volumes

Available formats:

Finnpipette F1 Pipettes

Ergonomic and Safe Performance

  • Remarkably lightweight
  • Reduce strain with low plunger and ejection forces
  • Ergonomic comfort

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Introducing the NEW Finnpipette F1 and F1-ClipTip pipettes

You said to "lighten up a little". We did that – and more.

Volume adjustment is now virtually effortless and enjoyably silent, also enabling one-handed volume changes. Plus, the volume lock offers added security to prevent accidental volume drifting during pipetting. 

You told us to "get a grip"". And we totally agreed.

Small tweaks can have a huge impact when delivering the right touch. Finnpipette F1 pipettes now come with a textured adjustment knob that gives you a firmer feel of confidence when setting volumes. We even offer handle grip strips for your pipette, providing a more secure and comfortable grip. And a new, wider tip ejector gives your thumb the room and respect it deserves.

And you’re clear that “a lightweight, comfortable pipette is important” in your work. We listened, and delivered.

Finnpipette F1 pipettes feature a lightweight design, now with lowered pipetting forces that reduce Repetitive Stress Syndrome (RSI) without compromising results. That means maximum comfort with confidence you can count on each and every day.

There is a pipette for you!

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What customers are saying

“We love these ClipTip pipettes! Hearing the click is an excellent indicator that I have secured the tips to the multichannel…To date our real-time results have been more consistent than with other multichannel pipettes and so reliably precise we use our set exclusively for real-time now.”

- Research Specialist, US


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