Each time you order Oligo products through Invitrogen electronic platform, you will be given the stamps for your redemption.

No. of stamps required Gift Redemption
30 Starbucks Coffee $25 Coupon
3-channels Timer
70 Hind III (15207-012,5000U) restriction enzyme
10x TBE (AM9863, 1L)
Park'n Shop $50 Coupon
100 MBP10 REACH Pipette Tips
(10 ul extended length tip,960 tips)
T4 DNA Ligase Buffer (46300-018,2 x 1ml)
1M Tris,pH7.0 (AM9850G,100ml)
2M KCl (AM9640G,100ml)
Rnase AWAYTM Reagent (10328-011,250ml)
Any one of the following Invitrogen restriction enzymes:
EcoR I (15202-013,5000U), Pst I (15215-015,3000U),
BamH I (15201-023,2000U),
Bgl II (15213-010,400U);Kpn I (15232-010,2000U),
EcoR V (15425-010,2000U),
Afa I (Rsa I ) (15240-401,1000U)
130 Park'n Shop $100 Coupon
SYBR © Safe DNA gel stain *10,000 x concentrate in
150 DMSO* (S33102,400 ul)
PureLinkTM Quick Plasmid Miniprep Kit
(K2100-10, 50 preps)
RNase-free Microfuge Tubes, 1.5ml (AM12400, 500 tubes)
RNase-free Microfuge Tubes, 2.0ml (AM12425, 500 tubes)
T4 DNA Ligase (15224-017, 100U)
PBS 10X, pH7.4 (AM9624, 100ml)
TE, pH8.0 (AM9849, 500ml)
200 Park'n Shop $200 Coupon
PureLinkTM Genomic DNA Kit (K1820-01, 50 preps)
PureLinkTM Quick Gel Extraction Kit (K2100-12, 50 preps)
PureLinkTM PCR Purification Kit (K3100-01, 50 preps)
Platinum© Taq DNA Polymerase (10966-018, 100 rxns)
RNase-free Microfuge Tubes, 0.5ml
(AM12300, 1000 tubes)
0.5M EDTA, pH8.0 (AM9261, 500ml)