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Returning customer?

Video: Access and registration

New customer?

The quickest way to request access to your Premier Supply Center is through your Premier kiosk. Select the New user? button from the Supply Center display and enter your details. You can also register on Thermofisher.com. Simply click Register and complete the registration form to request an online user name and password.

You’ll be prompted to include your billing information at this time, then click  Save & Continue.

You can immediately sign in and start to place orders during the account activation period, which may take up to 2 business days.

Once registration has been approved, you will receive an email notification and your order(s) will be processed.

In order to enable SCMS-access to Supply Centers at your location, you will need to set your Supply Center locations. You can change or add multiple Supply Center accounts by navigating to Accounts>Profile>Supply Center settings.

Video: Getting an access badge

Requesting a badge

While optional, access badges are the quickest way to access products inside your Supply Center. Access badges are free of charge and can be obtained from your Supply Center Representative.

Linking your badge to your account

Once you receive your badge, you will need to associate it with your account. To do this,

  1. Sign in to your account on thermofisher.com. 

  2. Under Account, click on Supply Center Settings. 

  3. In the Supply Center settings section, click the pencil icon in top right corner and select the Access card tab in the pop-up screen. 

  4. Enter the full barcode number (containing 3 letters and 6 numbers) located on your badge into the open fields. Then select Save Changes.

Opening your Supply Center door and removing products

Once your account has been configured to use your Supply Center, you can begin checking out products with your Premier kiosk.

  1. Simply sign in to your account by either scanning the barcode on your badge with the scanner attached to the kiosk or selecting “Manual sign in” and entering your thermofisher.com username and password.
  2. You will then be prompted to validate or select payment details. If you are paying with a Purchase Order, select PO Number and choose your number or enter a custom value.
  3. Once complete, touch the “Access” button. The Supply Center door will then unlock.
  4. Open the door and remove the products you need. Close the Supply Center door and select “Done” on the screen. Following each transaction, you’ll receive an email order confirmation. If you accidentally select the wrong product, please contact your Supply Center Representative.

Ordering non-stocked products

If you wish to order a non-stocked product, contact your Supply Center Representative directly from the Supply Center screen. These options are located as additional menu options under “More.”

Video: Purchasing products

Contact us

For Supply Center inquiries, contact the Supply Center Service Team