Our standard Thermo Scientific™ BioProcess Containers (BPCs) are used in a range of applications and are available in many sizes and with a variety of connection systems.

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Key features of standard BPCs:

  • Available as empty or prefilled containers
  • A range of sizes available to meet requirements of outer support containers
  • Economic and optimized configurations to cover a wide range of fluid and powder handling applications
  • Easily integrates with most systems with multiple connection options
  • Validated liquid shipping options are available

Presentation of empty BPCs:

  • End fittings are capped or plugged and protected with resealable polybags
  • C-Flex™ tubing lines are provided with clamps unless otherwise noted
  • Shipped in a strong cardboard carton
  • A certificate of analysis is supplied with each lot

Design of standard BPCs

The main component of a BPC chamber is plastic film. The other components are ports that enable tubing to be attached to the chamber. There are a number of different port designs depending on the type of chamber.

The two main types of basic BPC chamber are:

  • Two-dimensional (2-D) —This design is used for small, simple BPCs and is produced from two sheets of film which are heat-sealed around the end to form a flat chamber. The ports are then heat-sealed into the end seal or onto one of the faces of the chamber. Some designs also have a handle formed by the sealing process or by insertion of a plastic bar at one end.
  • Three-dimensional (3-D) —This design is used for larger and more complicated BPCs. A square tube is formed by heat sealing sheets of film together. Ports are usually larger, and a greater range of size and complexity of chamber designs is possible.

Outer support containers are required for BPCs

Apart from small two-dimensional (2-D) designs, all BPCs and chambers require at least a simple outer support container. The interaction between the chamber and the outer container system is important even in simple liquid handling applications where the BPC system is not moved. The outer support container becomes even more critical where transportation takes place and in more complex applications where mixing is involved.

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