Plant DNA extraction has unique challenges that require kits specifically designed to deal with carbohydrates, phenolics, and other compounds abundant in plant tissues. Plant cell walls can be very difficult to disrupt, and lysates often contain significant amounts of compounds such as tannins, phenolics, and complex polysaccharides that can affect DNA quality and inhibit downstream reactions. We offer an expansive portfolio of kits, reagents, devices for extraction, purification, analysis, and quantitation of plant DNA. Make your DNA isolation from plant samples easier on you and easier on your samples, while achieving high-yield and high-purity results with our plant molecular biology reagents.

Which Plant DNA Extraction Kit is right for you?

  Most cost effective High quality gDNA at a great value Fast isolation of gDNA from a variety of plant samples Rapid & automated extraction of DNA
  Plant DNAzol Reagent PureLink Genomic Plant DNA Purification Kit PureLink Pro 96 Genomic DNA Purification Kit MagMAX DNA Plant Isolation
Plant tissue input 100 mg 100 mg up to 25 mg up to 100 mg
Yield Varies based on starting material 1–15 µg 5–10 µg from tissue Varies based on starting material
Prep time 60 min 40 min 35 min 40 min
Isolation method Organic extraction Silica spin column Filter plate Scalable, flexible format with magnetic beads
Automatable No No No Yes
High throughput compatibility No No Yes Yes
Format 100 mL 50 preps 4 x 96 preps 96 or 384 preps
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Easy, high-yield, high-purity DNA extraction from plant samples

Plant tissue is difficult enough to work with due to the high levels of polysaccharides and polyphenols present. Why compound the issue with tedious, inefficient processes? Cetyl trimethyl ammonium bromide (CTAB) methods require excessive time and handling, limiting your throughput. Silica membrane or magnetic bead–based protocols rely on guanidine and ethanol for DNA capture, but these reagents often don’t remove inhibitors inherent in plant samples that can carry over into the final product and interfere with downstream PCR applications. This leads to frequent sample processing failure, causing you to repeat the purification—if you have the time and sample to spare. We now offer you products specifically designed for easy, high-yield, high-purity DNA purification from plant samples. Inhibitors are removed for reliable downstream results the first time. 

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