Applied Biosystems® instruments have a proud history of leading the biotechnology industry. Inventors of fluorescence-based automated sequencing technology as well as real-time PCR science, we are now among the world’s leading companies pioneering next-generation sequencing as well as numerous other innovations. Unless otherwise noted, all instruments are for research use only, not for use in diagnostic procedures.

Sequencing instruments

  3500 Genetic Analyzer

3500 Series Genetic Analyzers

One of the most user-friendly genetic analyzers on the market.

  • Snap-in-and-run, preformulated consumables packaging
  • Auditable tracking of instrument performance and consumables usage

Personal Genome Machine™ (PGM™) Sequencer

Single day workflow from sample to annotated variants for gene panel sequencing featuring Ion AmpliSeq™ target technology, Ion PGM™ System, and the upcoming, automated Ion Chef™ System.**

  • Most accurate for multiple gene panels
  • Lowest cost to buy and run

Ion Proton™ System

The Ion Proton™ System removes the high cost and complexity of today's genome-scale sequencing, bringing it to your lab, on your budget, and on your schedule.

  • End-to-end workflows for rapid, high-quality sequencing results
  • Ideal for exome and transcriptome sequencing

Real-time PCR instruments

Instrument/ Capacity

96-well plates, 0.1 mL tubes

48-well plates, 0.1 mL tubes

7500 Fast
96-well optical Fast plates.

ViiA™ 7
TaqMan® Array Microfluidic Cards

QuantStudio™ 12K Flex Real-Time PCR System
(10–100 μL reactions),
Fast 96-well
(15–30 μL reactions)
(5–20 μL reactions)
TaqMan® Array Cards
(~1 μL reactions)
OpenArray® Plates
(33 nL reactions)

Temperature Uniformity ± 0.5°C within 30 seconds of clock start ± 0.5°C within 30 seconds of clock start ±0.5°C, within 30 sec of reaching temperature set point ±0.25°C (±0.75°C for OpenArray® block)
Fast block Yes


7500 & 7500 for HID

(96-well and 384-well)
Performance Specifications
Demonstrated Sensitivity 10 copies 10 copies Down to 1 copy Down to 1 copy
Dynamic Range 9 logs of linear dynamic range 5 logs guaranteed, 9 logs demonstrated Up to 9 logs of linear dynamic range Up to 9 logs of linear dynamic range (up to 7 logs for OpenArray® block)
Instrument Specifications
(W x D x H)
W 23.6 cm
D 51.2 cm
H 42.7 cm
W 34 cm
D 45 cm
H 49 cm
W 53.3 cm
D 63.5 cm
H 64.5 cm
W 50.5 cm
D 67.2 cm
H 73.8 cm
Multiplex Quantitation Yes Yes Yes Yes (on all non-OpenArray® blocks, duplex on OpenArray®)