Life Technologies offers a cost-effective and easy to use human leukocyte antigen sequenced-based typing (HLA SBT) workflow, featuring SeCore® kits, a key to 100% resolution, 100% of the time. We offer all the supplies necessary for you to complete your workflow, all in one convenient place to order and manage.

Our HLA SBT workflow offers the instrumentation and kits needed for every step of the entire workflow using the gold-standard technology for HLA typing, Sanger Sequencing. The workflow features SeCore® kits, cutting-edge instruments, and uTYPE® software data analysis software with built-in codes to the IMGT® alignment database and National Marrow Donor Program® (NMDP).

Partnering with us for HLA SBT means your lab is supported by our expert scientific staff. Our HLA experts continually develop GSSPs and custom products so your lab can resolve new ambiguities due to significant allele discovery.

When you choose our HLA SBT workflow, here is what you get:

Peace of mind

  • Gold-standard Sanger sequencing produces the actual DNA sequence in its contiguous form
  • SeCore® kits and uTYPE® software are regularly maintained via custom development of GSSPs, custom products, and quarterly database updates. These updates mean your lab typing is current with the most recent ImMunoGeneTics® information system (IMGT) list
  • Expert technical support helps you achieve optimal workflow efficiency and a team to answer your questions


  • A customizable solution to your specific population. When our HLA scientific experts review a lab’s historical data to predict the GSSPs needed, your lab can save time while achieving greater resolution
  • Labs can chose the required resolution (4–8 digit-select degree of specificity for their work)


  • Accurate and easy data interpretation and analysis with powerful software is easy-to-use
  • Step-by-step guidance for implementation, analysis, and support
  • Can use current lab space and staffing configuration


  • Faster workflow by optimizing key protocols, dramatically shorter amplification time, resulting in short turnaround times (time to results/speed)
  • Cost effective (help saves time and software recommends the fewest GSSPs needed for resolution)