Monitor select doping biomarkers

While the approach of screening for prohibited compounds or their metabolites in an athlete’s blood or urine sample is an effective approach to monitor athletes, it has its limitations. With new, modified or designer drug substances reportedly misused by athletes, anti-doping agencies and laboratories seek new detection strategies to combat emerging threats.

Thermo Fisher Scientific has delivered leading technology for steroid analysis for more than a quarter century.

The WADA guidelines introduced a series of blood- or urine-based test modules starting in 2009, which include the Athlete Hematological Passport (blood doping) and the Athlete Steroidological Passport, a longitudinal steroid profile to detect the abuse of testosterone; i.e.endogenous steroids administered exogenously. The principle of the Athlete Biological Passport (ABP) is to monitor select biological parameters (not drugs compounds) over time, allowing agencies to generate profiles for an athlete.

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To ensure athletes play true, our market leading solutions help you profile athletes and confirm steroid use with precision and sensitivity expected.

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Confirm the presence of synthetic forms of endogenous anabolic androgenic steroids (EAAS) in urine samples.

Support in and out of competition testing with solutions to screen large sets of compounds in a single methods while staying ahead of future banned substances.

Typical passport of suspicious steroid profile confirmation workflow
Athlete biological passport sample preparation

For athlete samples testing positive for prohibited compounds or noted as suspicious as a result of steroid quantitation and confirmation testing, it is important to ensure samples are prepared consistently for isotopic characterization. Following hydrolysis, most labs perform additional sample preparation. Thermo Fisher Scientific offers the solutions to help maximize sample clean up and improve your analytical sensitivity.

We offer a variety of solutions to fit your laboratory workflow needs, including  the next generation SOLA solid phase extraction fritless  SPE , which provides higher levels of reproducibility and robustness compared to conventional options.  Learn more about the variety of options available, view our application handbook or try our selector guide.

We offer a variety of configurations to suit your needs while achieving the highest level of analytical sensitivity your workflow requires to confidently identify  endogenous steroid misuse.

Isotopic confirmation

The misuse of endogenous anabolic steroids can be detected by measuring the ∂13C values of the steroid itself or its metabolites which show depleted isotopic composition while the endogenous reference compounds are not affected. Samples showing suspicious steroid profile parameters are isotopically characterized in order to prove the origin of steroids.

Confirm your results with a single analysis
Confirm your results with a single analysis
Metabolite identification

Comprehensive studies on the metabolism of therapeutic agents and drugs with misuse potential are required to identify metabolites. Direct couple your IRMS to a GC-MS system to identify unknown metabolites and provide structural elucidation and confirmation.

Choose Thermo Scientific™ ISQ™ series quadrupole GC-MS Systems for time-proven performance and productivity. Ideal for high-throughput laboratories that want to achieve uninterrupted productivity

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