Adjust many of our Gibco™ media formulations to create a custom cell culture medium that's just right for you.

  • Add or remove components
  • Change a concentration
  • Switch packaging Select from cGMP or non-GMP
  • Choose QC tests

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Quick 4 steps to custom cell culture media pricing

Gibco™ custom media formulation
Add and remove formulation components
Change concentration of existing components

Gibco® custom media manufacturing
cGMP:  Animal Origin and AOF

•    Batches up to 10,000L or 8,000 KG
•    Ideal for clinical or commercial biomanufacturing applications

Learn more about cGMP custom manufacturing
Non-cGMP:  Gibco® MediaExpress™

•    Batches up to 200 L or 10 KG
•    Ideal for process development and research applications

Learn more about Gibco® MediaExpress™

Gibco® custom media quantity and packaging
Custom liquid media volumes: 1-10,000 L
Custom powder media volumes: 1-8,000 KG

•    standard dry powder medium (DPM)
•    advanced granulation technology (AGT™)

Select our AGT™ powder format for a faster dissolving, low-dust option
Learn more about AGT™ powder media
Learn more about custom packaging

Gibco® custom media QC testing
See what tests come with the product
Select additional QC tests to add on to the order
Learn more about our available custom media QC tests

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