Thermo Scientific™ inSITE™ Integrity Testing System

Although BioProcess Containers (BPCs) undergo testing at the manufacturer’s facility, improper handling and loading procedures could introduce flaws to the BPC system. Using sterile air, the inSITE™ Integrity Testing System is able to find gross and fine flaws at the most critical stage—immediately prior to filling.

The inSITE Integrity Testing System is a true point-of-use integrity testing system that allows users in a biopharmaceutical manufacturing environment to confirm the integrity of single-use BPCs inside the tank that is about to be filled.

Advantages to the inSITE Integrity Testing System
  • Point-of-use integrity testing: BPCs are tested in the tank that is to be filled.
  • Guided validation setup suitable for containers up to 5,000 L.
  • Multi-channel testing: capable of testing multiple BPCs in different tanks simultaneously.
  • Able to detect gross and fine leaks for quick and efficient confirmation of integrity.
  • Inflation procedure helps improve loading and placement within the tank.
  • When the BPC is ready to be filled with product, the liquid filling cycle moderates the internal pressure within the BPC as fluid is introduced.
Featured video — inSITE Integrity Testing System overview

See how the inSITE system operates and provides the confidence of a final integrity test prior to use, at the point-of-use.

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