MSIA InsuQuant Kit

The Thermo Scientific InsuQuant™ Mass Spectrometric Immunoassay (MSIA™) Kit contains all reagents and consumables needed to run insulin MSIA. The kit includes a rack of Insulin MSIA D.A.R.T.S., recombinant human insulin standard, internal insulin analog standard, wash buffer, LC column, and elution solvent.

InsuQuant: Discover the difference

Many of today’s commercially available insulin assays lack the specificity needed to differentiate human insulin from common insulin analogues.

The InsuQuant™ MSIA™ Kit is a complete, streamlined insulin analysis solution that enables simultaneous detection and differentiation between endogenous and exogenous insulin types. Available for both semi-automated and high-throughput formats, the InsuQuant Kit improves reproducibility, saves time, and optimizes your hybrid immunoassay workflow.

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What is InsuQuant?

The InsuQuant Mass Spectrometric Kit is an affinity purification clean-up kit used to extract endogenous insulin and exogenous insulin analogues from plasma for further analysis in LC-MS. Porous microcolumns are coated with an insulin-specific affinity ligand, targeted to capture insulin and its exogenous analogues. Through repeated pipetting of the matrix, the analyte of interest is put into contact with the antibody-coated surface on the microcolumn.

Key benefits

  • Easy-to-use—ships ready-to-use with all reagents and consumables
  • Cost savings—minimizes wear-and-tear on LC-MS, requiring less maintenance and decreasing instrument down-time
  • Reduced background—excellent affinity binding capability and highly reproducible
  • High sensitivity—up to 47% improvement of insulin detection compared to similar protein purification methodologies
  • Time savings—ability to multiplex both endogenous and exogenous insulin types in one run
  • Flexible—applicable for semi- and fully-automated workflows (Finnpipette Novus I and Versette platforms)

Components of the MSIA InsuQuant Mass Spec Kit

Insulin MSIA D.A.R.T.’S
1 rack, 96 units/rack
Insulin Standard 
200 µl, rH insulin
Internal Standard 
1 mL, insulin analog
Wash Buffer
80 mL, removal solution
Elution Solvent
13 mL, release solution
Sample Buffer
60 mL, dilution solution
LC Column
reversed-phase polymer monolithic column
Leucine Enkephalin
2.5 mg, carrier peptide

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*Note that there is an option available for those who do not want the LC Column included