De novo sequencing yields a primary genetic sequence of a particular organism where it may not previously be available.  It is necessary to first perform de novo sequencing in order to further analyze the genetic information of an organism in more detail.  As the sequencing of an organism can be a lengthy and costly endeavor through traditional sequencing methods, the capabilities of next generation sequencing technologies empower the progress of de novo sequencing efforts.

Step-by-Step Guide to de novo Sequencing Sample Prep Products

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PureLink™ Genomic DNA Mini Kit
Recommended for next generation sequencing applications requiring extraction and purification of genomic DNA samples.  Yields high-quality DNA in a single column.

SOLiD® Applications

SOLiD® Fragment Library Construction
Fully optimized complete set of reagents, columns, and size selection gels to generate fragment libraries for use on SOLiD® System.

SOLiD® Mate-Paired Library Construction
Fully optimized, validated, complete set of reagents to construct mate-paired libraries for use on SOLiD® System.

All Next Generation Sequencing Platforms

E-Gel™ SizeSelect™ Gels
Rapid size separation and recovery system for library construction.

SOLiD® Applications

SOLiD® Library TaqMan® Quantitiation Kit
Enables measurement of amplifiable template in a SOLiD® library for optimal input in emulsion PCR (ePCR).

SOLiD® Applications

SOLiD® Fragment Library Barcoding Kits
Unique barcode sequences for SOLiD® fragment libraries to sequence multiple samples on one slide.  Increase throughput and efficiency while cutting cost.

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