Jun 07, 2017 - Jun 07, 2017

Materials science researchers from around the globe will gather for an innovative online experience where we will explore the latest cutting edge analytical solutions used to enable the development of new and advanced materials. Watch presentations from leading materials scientists, access hundreds of technical papers and videos, and ask questions live – all without leaving your desk!

When you register you’ll be able to:

  • Explore nine different technique or sample areas 
    • Raman Spectroscopy
    • Multimodal Analysis
    • Surface Analysis
    • Rheology/Extrusion
    • Electron Microscopy
    • Polymer/Plastic Analysis
    • Bio-science Analysis
    • Nanomaterial Analysis
    • Resource Library 
  • Attend any of the scheduled presentations (all nine if you want!)
  • Tour our library of webinars, applications notes, videos and more

When: through June 30, 2017
Where: Your desk

Enjoy these recorded presentations by material science researchers from around the globe.

Presenter Title of Presentation Duration (min.)
Dr. Joao Maia, Case Western University Going Beyond Kneading Blocks: Improved Dispersive Mixing in Twin-Screw Extrusion via New Static Extension-Dominated Mixing Elements 60
Dr. Joao Maia, Case Western University Rheo-Kinetic Study of Thermoplastic Polyurethanes Using in-situ Rheo-FTIR 30
Dr. Michael Bruns, Karlsruhe Institute of Technology Surface Analysis of Nanomaterials and OLED Components 30
Dr. Cyrill Bussy, University of Manchester Tracking Nanomaterials in Cells And Tissues 40
Dr. Kalman Migler, NIST The Rheo-Raman Microscope: Simultaneous Measures of Soft Materials 30
Dr. Vilas Pol, Purdue University Role of Raman Microscopy in Rechargeable Battery Diagnostics 60
Brandon Van Leer, FEI, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Correlative Microscopy for SEM Characterization Using MAPS 30
Brandon Van Leer, FEI, part of Thermo Fisher Scientific Introduction to DualBeam FIB-SEM for S/TEM Sample Preparation 40
Dr. Lili He, University of Massachusetts, Amherst Surface Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy, One Tool For Multiple Classes Of Contaminants 60

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