Lab Armor™ Beads replace water in laboratory baths to help prevent contamination.

Contaminated cell culture reagents result in distorted data and unpredictable outcomes. Reduce the risk of contamination, achieve reproducible results and have greater confidence in your cell culture by using GIBCO® cell culture products and Lab Armor™ Beads.

Prevent Contamination
Eliminate Maintenance
Protect the Environment
Lab Armor™ Beads reduce the risk of contamination from standing water on your laboratory bench
You can leave the bath always on to save preparation time.  Lab Armor™ Beads never evaporate!
You can stop using environmentally harmful biocides to clean the bath.
Lab Armor™ Beads don't drip from bottles like water.  You don't need racks, weights or floats.  Lab Armor™ Beads stay clean and organized.
You can use the time usually spent on emptying, cleaning and filling the water bath for more important tasks.  Just spray beads with ethanol every 2 - 4 weeks.
Lab Armor™ Beads use less than one half the energy to warm reagents compared to water.

Watch Video Testimonials From Researchers Who Use Lab Armor™ Beads

Mike Gillmeister

Mike Gillmeister
Staff Scientist, Biology
Cell Systems - Cell Culture Essentials

Pei-Ann Lin

Pei-Ann Lin
Lab Tech
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  • Bath stays clean and filled: water baths must be routinely monitored, cleaned and maintained; Lab Armor™ Beads only need a light spray of biodegradable disinfectant every 2-4 weeks

  • Always on: no need to plan around warm-up times, or worry about burn-out when water evaporates

  • Naturally organized: Lab Armor™ Beads naturally hold items in place, no matter the size or shape; racks, floats and weights are not required

  • Better temperature stability: Lab Armor™ Beads have greater temperature uniformity and maintenance than water

  • Eliminates biocides: liquid disinfectants used for water bath maintenance are harmful to the environment.  Periodic use of 70% ethanol is all that is required to keep Lab Armor™ Beads clean and contamination-free.

  • Highly recyclable: formed from ultra-pure, recyclable material

  • Energy efficient: at 37° C, Lab Armor™ Beads consume one half of the energy used by a traditional water bath.  Set at 65° C, Lab Armor™ Beads consume less than one quarter of the energy required by water. 

Lab Armor Beads Work Better than Water in Your Lab Bath

A laboratory bath filled with Lab Armor™ Beads is far less conducive to contamination than a water-filled bath.

Lab Armor™ Beads
  • Yes. You can leave the bath on all the time
  • Yes. You can extend your bath's lifetime use
  • Yes. You can eliminate a contamination source
  • Yes. You can have more confidence in your data
  • Yes. You can prevent material and data losses
  • Yes. You can eliminate a potential fire hazard
  • Yes. You rarely have to clean it
  • Yes. You never have to refill it
  • Yes. You will reduce energy consumption
  • Yes. You can use earth-friendly disinfectants
  • Yes. You don't need racks to organize anymore
  • Yes. You can incubate non-water-tight vessels

Lab Armor™ Beads General Properties

General properties:
  • Metal beads
  • Moisture and gas impermeable
  • High thermal conductivity and retention
  • Smooth & rounded with fluid-like properties
  • Dry, microbial-resistant media
Size and weight:
  • Diameter ~ 5-8 mm each
  • Height ~ 1-2 mm each
  • Weight ~ 3.5 lbs per liter
Lab Armor™ Beads

How Many Liters of Beads Do I Need?

Enter your bath size in cubic centimeters and click calculate: for example you should enter 12500 for a 25 cm x 25 cm x 20 cm water bath

You will need to purchase this many liters of beads:
GIBCO® cell culture products and Lab Armor™ Beads help you achieve reproducible results every day.  Lab Armor™ Beads are manufactured by Lab Armor™.  Lab Armor is a trademark of Lab Armor.