Direct PCR Tissue Puncher, 0.3 mm

Are you performing direct PCR from human, animal, or plant tissues? If so, you may be interested in the Thermo Scientific™ Direct PCR Tissue Puncher. The Tissue Puncher enables you to obtain small punch discs from sample materials—0.3 mm in diameter, an optimal size for direct PCR protocols. The Tissue Puncher not only is convenient but also allows you to prepare consistently sized samples for direct PCR.

To use the Tissue Puncher, simply place the sample on a clean surface and push the cutting edge of the tool downward until it cuts through the sample. Then release the disc into the direct PCR master mix by pressing down on the plunger (Figure 1). The Tissue Puncher is reusable with cleaning after each use.

Use the Tissue Puncher for convenience and consistency in obtaining samples for direct PCR.

Tissue Puncher to obtain samples for direct PCR
Figure 1. Using the Tissue Puncher to obtain samples for direct PCR.