NucleoLink Strips Free Samples

Ideal for binding nucleotides and for hybridization assays

Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ NucleoLink™ Breakable Modules are ideal for hybridization assays due to the heat-resistant resin. The unique design offers error-free flexibility, and each well locks in the frame and maintains the same height to provide accurate reading and efficient washing.

  • Use in place of time-consuming methods such as gel electrophoresis and Southern blotting 
  • Usable with any “ELISA-like” detection and measurement method 
  • Compatible with standard microplate readers 
  • Consists of 1 x 8 strips to be fitted into a 96-well format frame 
  • V-shaped wells with flat, readable bottoms and thin walls (0.35 mm) 
  • Withstand temperatures from –20°C to 120°C 
  • Working volume: Strips 100 μL
Nunc breakable module

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