Celebrate the power of stem cells

The promise of human pluripotent stem cells will be realised only when these cells are successfully coaxed into different cell types found in the human body, through the process of directed differentiation. This is critical to getting the desired cell types and numbers needed for drug screening, cell-organ models and for translational cell therapy applications.  

Most of the existing methods of differentiation are suboptimal, involve laborious mechanical and manual steps leading to issues of reproducibility and reduced efficiency in downstream processing of functionally mature lineages. The complex process of differentiation and the challenges associated need to be efficiently deciphered in order to successfully direct the hPSC differentiation to target cell types. In this presentation, challenges associated with hPSC differentiation to neural, cardiac and endodermal lineages are discussed along with ways to overcome some of the hurdles previously mentioned. cGMP media systems designed for efficient differentiation towards ecto-, meso-and endodermal cell lineages are presented.

Mohan Vemuri Biography:

Dr. Vemuri is the Director of Research and Development for Cell Biology in Thermo Fisher Scientific. He currently leads R&D in the development of GMP-manufactured stem cell products for research use and cell therapy applications in the areas of human iPSC, adult stem cells and downstream differentiation to cell specific lineages. Prior to this role, Dr .Vemuri was faculty at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, and focused on novel ways of fetal transplantation of gene engineered hematopoietic stem cells for blood and bone marrow transplantation (BMT), for enhanced self-renewal, engraftment and immune reconstitution. He worked as faculty at Thomas Jefferson Medical School, and developed cell screening assay systems for Parkinson’s disease drug discovery. Dr .Vemuri collaborates with researchers in academia and industry, striving towards the successful utilisation of stem cells in regenerative cell therapies. He holds a Ph.D in Cell Biology and performed his postdoctoral work at the National Institutes for Health. 


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