A novel, highly sensitive fluorescent dye–based system for N-glycan analysis

Glycosylation is one of the key critical quality attributes of monoclonal antibody–based biotherapeutics. Glycosylation changes can impact a biological drug’s safety, efficacy, clearance, and immunogenicity, making it necessary to accurately detect changes. Glycan profiling begins at cell line development, continues through process development, and, in certain cases, continues through drug substance release. Current glycan analysis methods involve laborious multistep sample preparation that takes anywhere from a day to multiple days for 96 samples, followed by single-channel LC or CE separation.


The Applied Biosystems™ GlycanAssure™ Glycan Analysis and Quantitation System is the first glycan analysis platform that combines both high throughput and high data quality, and offers an integrated glycan analysis platform that helps save labor, time, and cost of analysis. The GlycanAssure system offers simple and easy magnetic bead–based sample preparation with multiple fluorescent dyes for glycan labeling; multi-capillary CE instruments for high-throughput CE-LIF–based glycan analysis; and assay-specific software for fast data analysis and reporting.

Features and benefits:

  • Performance—resolution of sialylated glycans, structural isomers, fucose species, and high-mannose species
  • Ease of use—magnetic bead–based sample preparation using less labor (reduced pipetting and hands-on time); no use of sodium cyanoborohydride; and no vacuum centrifugation steps
  • Data quality—multiple fluorescent dyes for superior sensitivity and selectivity—traditional APTS and the novel Teal™ and Turquoise™ dyes for glycan labeling
  • Throughput—sample preparation and analysis of 96 samples in 7–9 hours
  • Support—full field applications support at every stage of method implementation; system based on proven Applied Biosystems™ CE technology platform from an established, consistent supplier

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Assay-specific GlycanAssure data acquisition and data analysis software for optimum performance and user experience.

  • Data acquisition dashboard with easy access to instrument status and setup
  • Simple, intuitive, step-by-step workflow
  • Ability to create favorite experiment, template, and report
  • Easy data processing and reporting
  • Data trending and direct export features

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Data acquisition software

Data acquisition software

Glycan Analysis Software

Glycan Analysis Software

GlycanAssure sample prep kits provide three fluorescent dye options for glycan labeling, including the traditional APTS dye and two new dyes with novel features to resolve difficult-to-separate glycans. The highly sensitive Teal and Turquoise dyes enable analysis of low-input glycoproteins and quantitation of glycans present at low levels. The GlycanAssure Teal labeling protocol doesn’t require removal of excess dye and provides data for 96 samples in 7 hours.

The 3500 Genetic Analyzer for Protein Quality Analysis is a capillary electrophoresis instrument that enables parallel analysis of 8 or 24 samples without compromising on the run time per sample, thereby enabling high throughput analysis with high quality data.

  • 8 or 24-capillary system for high-throughput analysis
  • Simple setup, operation, and maintenance
  • Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology that tracks key consumables data and records administrative information
  • Signal uniformity from instrument-to-instrument, run-to-run, and capillary array-to-capillary arra