GoPure™ prepacked  columns: custom packed columns facilitate process development and validation efficiency

Biotherapeutic purification process development requires numerous levels of process validation as projects move through clinical development. These validation activities include:

  • Scale-down process validation
  • Viral clearance validation
  • Resin reuse validation
  • Resin cleaning validation
  • Impurity clearance validation
  • Process robustness assessment
  • End-of-production assessment
  • Resin storage stability

In addition, quality-by-design concepts can be employed during process development and definition.

All of these purification process development and validation activities require the use of lab-scale chromatography columns packed with the resin under investigation. Each process characterization activity requires multiple chromatography columns to be packed to required specifications. Significant resources, including people, time, and equipment, are required to prepare columns for process development and validation activities.

A single viral clearance validation study can consume tens of packed columns, requiring hardware that will not be reused and multiple weeks of column packing and qualification activities. Very quickly, the number of lab-scale columns required to support early- and late-phase process development and validation accumulates. Ultimately, the column packing and qualification required is a low-value-added activity centered on preparing a critical raw material for high-value, critical-path experiments.

GoPure™ 1.2 pre-packed chromatography columns, available packed with POROS® and non-POROS® resins, provide a convenient and cost-effective alternative to traditional self-packed columns They offer a time-saving alternative to column-packing activities required to support process definition and validation studies.

GoPure™ column and product quality features that are relevant to the scale-down process model include:

  • Manufacturable with any chromatography resin
  • Flexible in column bed heights
  • Reproducible packed column performance
  • Representative of pilot- and manufacturing-scale column performance
  • Scalable performance across the entire GoPure™ column size range
  • Offering a business process with user-specific product definition and resin traceability

Flexibility and quality

GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns are available in a range of bed heights from 5 to 20 cmL. GoPure™ columns are packed using validated processes. Packing is based on traditional flow and axial compression, allowing for control of the final bed height that is ±3 mm from the target bed height. All columns are qualified and meet asymmetry, plates-per-meter, and permeability specifications.  GoPure™ columns are supported by numerous validation studies, all executed to help ensure product robustness. A validated business process ensures incorporation of user-specified product definition and resin traceability throughout the manufacturing process.

Scalable performance

Figures 1 and 2 show column qualification results across GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns for POROS® HS50 and an Agarose Protein A resin. The results show consistent and equivalent column performance across the entire range, indicating that GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns are an effective format for a scale-down model and are therefore well suited for use in process validation studies.

Figure 1: Scalable performance: asymmetry results for GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns

Asymmetry specifications for all columns were 0.80 –1.60. The qualification test results, generated on separate chromatography instruments, are consistent across all column diameters.

Figure 2: Scalable performance: efficiency results for GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns

POROS® GoPure™ columns have an efficiency specification of ≥4,000 plates per meter, and Agarose Protein A GoPure™ columns have an efficiency specification of ≥ 2,000 plates per meter. Efficiency values are consistent with resin vendor claims.

Figure 3 demonstrates equivalent performance between a GoPure™ 1.2cmD prepacked column and a self-packed laboratory column. Qualification results, in the upper panel, and protein separation results, in the lower panel, are virtually identical between the 1.2 cmD x 10 cmL GoPure™ XS prepacked column and the traditional 1.0 cmD x 10 cmL laboratory column packed with POROS® XS resin.

Figure 3: Equivalent performance between a GoPure™ 1.2cmD prepacked column and a self-packed laboratory column

Reproducible product

Manufacturing data from GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns, detailed in Table 1, demonstrate product reproducibility within and between lots. Within-lot variability in column efficiency (plates per meter) and asymmetry is typically less than 10%, independent of the resin type or date of manufacture. The data also indicate very similar column performance between lots.

Table 1: Within-lot and between-lot reproducibility of GoPure™ 1.2 Prepacked Columns

POROS® Resin HS50 HQ50 MabCapture® A Resin
Column dimension (cmD x cmL) 1.2 x 10 1.2 x 20 1.2 x 10 1.2 x 20 1.2 x 10 1.2 x 15
Date of manufacture 6/2/2011 2/16/2012 6/2/2011 3/8/2012 12/4/2011 9/17/2010
Number of columns in lot 7 10 7 10 6 12
Asymmetry Specification 0.80-1.60
Average Result 1.06 1.09 1.36 1.38 1.17 1.17
Std. Dev. 0.07 0.05 0.10 0.06 0.05 0.08
CV% 6.9 4.2 7.4 4.5 4.5 6.9
Efficiency Specification ≥ 4,000 plates/meter
Average Result 7,037 5,663 6,019 4,532 8,729 8,900
Std. Dev. 632 282 569 285 818 574
CV% 9.0 5.0 9.5 6.3 9.4 6.5
Pressure Specification ≤87 PSI
Average result 21.2 44.8 37.7 72.1 20.95 33.1
Std. Dev. 1.1 2.1 4.1 7.6 1.2 0.9
CV% 5.1 4.7 10.9 10.5 5.6 2.6

Process validation activities can span long periods of time, making it important that critical raw materials supporting validation are consistent. GoPure™ columns are manufactured in a facility that is ISO 9001/ISO 13485-certified. Column materials of construction are defined in Table 2. Standardized, validated packing protocols for both POROS® and other resins enable consistency of product and reliable delivery times.

Table 2: GoPure™ 1.2 cmD prepacked column materials of construction

GoPure™ Column Part Description Material Product Contact Component
Column tube Polypropylene Yes
O-ring Ethylene propylene diene monomer (EPDM) Yes
Flow adapter Nylon Yes
Frit, 5 µm Titanium Yes
Swage ring 316 stainless steel No
Shipping plug Delrin No
Threaded adapter Polypropylene Yes

Columns are manufactured to defined specifications, as noted in Table 3. Each column is supplied with a Column Test Certificate that details performance against specifications and provides documentation of column suitability for use in scaled-down validation studies.

Table 3: GoPure™ 1.2 cmD prepacked column qualification specifications

Resin Type Asymmetry
Plates per Meter
Pressure at Defined Flow
Rate* (PSI/Bar)
POROS® resin 0.80–1.60 ≥ 4,000 plates/meter ≤ 87 / 6
Other resin 0.80–1.60 ≥ Resin manufacturer’s claims Resin dependent

* For POROS® resin, 1,000 cm/hr

Spend your time on value-adding process validation activities and order GoPure™ 1.2 cmD columns for your next process development campaign or process validation study.

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