The Thermo Scientific™ imPULSE™ Single-Use Mixers (S.U.M.s) have a platform for most applications. The linear-scale design delivers uniform, superior mixing in every model, mixes to empty, and scales from 30 L up to 5,000 L. The innovative disc technology and flexible design are ideal for liquid-to-liquid or powder-to-liquid mixing in a wide range of volumes and applications. The imPULSE S.U.M. is available with our three main film platforms: Aegis™ 5-14, CX5-14, and ASI™ 26/77.

Key features and innovative technology of the imPULSE S.U.M.

imPULSE S.U.M. Core and Elite models: The Core model gives users excellent mixing without high-end controls and monitors as a standard configuration. The Elite option is a customized system to fit your specific requirements. It also combines superior mixing with a range of options that can make your system custom-tailored for your process. Both systems come with:

  • Linear mixing scalability: 30 L–5,000 L
  • Hexagonal vessel with open top and sloped bottom with openings for the mixing BPC and tubing outlets
  • Integrated rolling diaphragm that provides the pumping action to the mixing disc. The diaphragm will not abrade the surfaces or produce particulates
  • Integrated control panel with relay logic, manual push buttons, selector switch interface, and digital speed indication
  • Stationary powder BPC hanger and lifting system with manual or power winch
  • Mixing tank jacket and insulation
  • Weight indication system with load cells
  • Auto-inflate and vent control options

The disc is an integrated part of the single-use BPC and is designed with slots and silicone flaps. The moving disc creates a pulsing action that has two effects:

  1. On the upstroke, the flaps open as the disc moves up from the bottom of the mixing bag and fluid flows through the slots of the disc.
  2. On the downstroke, the flaps close as the disc moves down and energy is directed down and channeled through the space between the mixing disc profile and the vessel side walls.

As a result, the velocity of the displaced liquid provides robust mixing.

Rolling diaphragm: Provides an interface between the BPC and the movable shaft with the mixing disc. There are no contact surfaces between the side walls and the diaphragm; therefore, the system does not generate particulates.

Linear scalability: The imPULSE mixing disc diameter increases proportionally as the size of the vessel increases. The ratio of the displaced liquid volume to the vessel volume is the same from all sizes ranging from 30 L to 5,000 L. This enables consistent and reproducible results, as processes are seamlessly scaled up across all sizes.

Critical upstream application steps:
  • Media preparation
  • Final formulation steps
  • Buffer preparation
  • Harvest vessels
  • Large-volume mixing (up to 5,000 L)
Critical downstream application steps:
  • Pooling and liquid transfer
  • Product suspension
  • Mixing and storing multiple batches
  • Buffer preparation
  • Viral inactivation


imPULSE S.U.M. featured animation

The imPULSE single-use mixing system is ideal for a wide range of liquid-to-liquid or powder-to-liquid mixing applications, utilizing an innovative mixing disc technology and customizable BPCs.

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Standard and custom BPCs, including our three main film platforms (Aegis5-14, CX5-14, and ASI 26/77), tubing sets, and manifolds, covering a range of applications, sizes, and connection systems.

Manufactured at three efficient, cGMP-compliant manufacturing sites: two in North America—Logan, UT, and Millersburg, PA—and one in Cramlington, UK.

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