Molecular Probes® brand fluorescent products are recognized the world over as key components for quality fluorescent images, both in our publications and in yours. Many reagents and imaging refinements go into the production of a biologically relevant  and informative image. After the use of functional probes, labels, and counterstains, additional tools are often needed to achieve a stunning cellular image.


Live-Cell Imaging

  • Wash solutions
  • Imaging solutions
  • Background suppressors

Immunofluorescence Imaging

  • Antibodies
  • Streptavidin
  • TSA™ amplification

Fixed-Cell Imaging

  • Antifades
  • Fix and perm solutions
  • Signal enhancers

Super-Resolution Microscopy (SRM)

  • High-resolution fluorescence imaging using STORM, SIM, STED, and TPE techniques

Microscope Calibration

  • Dye standards
  • Calibration beads
  • Prepared slides

Fluorophore Selection Guides

  • Fluorescent dyes
  • Qdot® probes
  • Fluorescent proteins


Imaging Cell Structure

Select the appropriate organelle probes at the correct wavelength to highlight your cell’s structure for a better understanding of function and behavior.

Imaging Cell Health

Discover the ideal assays to investigate your cells’ viability, function and behavior using our application-based technology guides and selection tools.

High-Content Imaging

View assays validated specifically for use in automated workflows for high-content imaging analysis. Key considerations in design address automated analysis and data quantitation.

ReadyProbes™ Reagents