The Thermo Scientific KingFisher Flex purification system provides plate-based handling (mix, capture, transfer, release) of magnetic particles for bead-based nucleic acid and protein affinity purification procedures. This easy-to-use instrument provides excellent reproducibility and minimizes the hands-on time required for DNA, RNA, and protein isolation from a wide range of sample types. The system is available with four different user interchangeable magnetic head formats, enabling scientists to process a variety of volumes with compatible purification reagents, such as MagMAX nucleic acid extraction products.

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Features of the KingFisher Flex include:

  • Easy installation (ready to run in 10 minutes or less)
  • User-friendly graphical interface
  • High-throughput purification of 96 samples per run
  • Four different magnetic head formats for wide volume range (20–5,000 µL)
  • Pre-loaded programs to perform protocols with MagMAX nucleic acid isolation kits
  • Thermo Scientific BindIt Software, which allows programmable instrument control and protocol modification, creation, and upload (Windows 7 and 8 compatible)

Video: How KingFisher Flex works

How it works

The KingFisher Flex magnetic particle processor utilizes permanent magnetic rods and disposable tip combs with independent movement control. When the magnetic rod—sheathed inside the tip comb—is lowered into the solution, magnetic beads collect at the bottom of the tip comb. The tip comb can then be positioned in a different well or plate, and the beads are then released by moving the magnetic rods out of the tip comb. The tip comb also facilitates the mixing of reagents and beads as the magnetic head moves up and down.

MagMAX kits and the KingFisher Flex system

When MagMAX kits are used on the KingFisher Flex system, labs will have a simple, fast system that is designed to provide pure nucleic acids ready for downstream applications such as real-time PCR and next-generation sequencing.

Top benefits of running the MagMAX kits on the KingFisher Flex system with 24 Deep-Well Head:

  • Nucleic acid extraction from larger sample input volumes
  • Consistent, high-quality nucleic acid recovery from a wide variety of sample types
  • Cross-contamination control, thanks to bead transfer technology

Choose the right MagMAX kits for your needs

Please visit the product page to obtain the required MagMAX program for your your specific kit or email

Dynabeads immunoprecipitation

Dynabeads products pioneered biomagnetic technology and ensure that you get the best balance of high yield and reproducibility with low nonspecific binding and cost. This balance is one reason why Dynabeads products have become the gold standard for immunoprecipitation using magnetic beads  and are well suited for automation. Here are many other reasons:

  • Low background—little to no nonspecific binding, and no preclearing and high signal to noise ratio
  • Highly reproducible—uniform beads help ensure consistent results
  • Flexible—products for IP, Co-IP, pull-down, and ChIP assays; ideal for manual and automated protocols
  • Antibody savings—all binding occurs on the smooth outer surface of the beads, which conserves precious antibodies and supports a cost-efficient solution per sample
  • Highly sensitive—Dynabeads technology is the most-cited method for sensitive applications, such as ChIP and IP of low-abundance proteins

Plastics for the KingFisher Flex system