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Laboratory equipment manufacturers and researchers worldwide depend on highly reliable Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ automated incubators and microplate storage systems. With more than 40 years of experience in CO2 incubator technology, the robot-accessible Cytomat series is the established leader in the field.

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Ideal environment for storage and incubation of your assays in a temperature range from 4°C up to 50°C (70°C) with multiple capacities.

Room temperature incubation and low temperature storage (from 4°C up to 25°C) provided in various capacities.

Robot-friendly random access ambient storage in a wide capacity range for all applications.

Automated incubator solutions

The Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ Tower Shaker is the only solution that provides true orbital shaking. It is ideal for applications requiring sample agitation and cells that need to be kept in suspension.

  • Easy 3-step setup of Tower Shaker – install/secure by lock screw to the ceiling/plug-in for communication
  • Active microplate clamp mechanism secures plate and lid separately; zero microplate abrasions during shaking
  • Mix and match standard and Tower Shaker stackers for maximum flexibility
  • Inductive wear-free driving mechanism reduces particle emissions and belt changes
  • Superior shaking technology with individual speed settings for each Tower Shaker from 100-1200 rpm with oscillating amplitude of 2 mm or 3 mm offers a wide range of application setups

The Cytomat 2 Hotel ToS is based on the Cytomat 2 Hotel for ambient environment with 2 stacker positions. It can be seamlessly integrated with existing automated assay hardware.

Cytomat 2 C450-LIN ToS / C470-LIN ToS

The Thermo Scientific Cytomat 2 C4xx-LIN ToS automated incubator with a capacity up to 32 microplates is the ideal solution for applications with a temperature range of 4-70°C.

The Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ 600x series automated incubator is a mid-size system with a capacity for 189 standard microplates. There are two models for different applications available with an extremely dry environment, minimizing absorption of water by hydrophilic compounds (e.g. DMSO), thereby reducing assay variance.

The Cytomat 6002 D automated incubator provides a temperature range of 4°C up to 21°C and maintains a humidity level < 3% r.H.

The Cytomat 6004 DR automated incubator provides an ideal stable constant humidity level of 6% r.H. at ambient conditions.

Define the configuration of your robotic system or workstation through a choice of microplate, T-flask, or petri dish handling. The Cytomat series offers a wide variety of temperature ranges and gassing environment options to provide the right atmosphere for different applications with an appropriate handling system.

Whatever your Cytomat system configuration, your customized solution is certified to DIN EN ISO 9001 and supplied with full documentation, plus a quality test certificate similar to our standard Cytomat units.

Cytomat 12 Hotel PD for petri dish (Ø 94mm) in ambient environment with a capacity of 396 pcs. (PD94)

The Cytomat 8-LIN is a linear transport system combined with the well-known Cytomat 600x incubator series environmental conditions, proven to provide extremely uniform and stable temperature, humidity and CO2 conditions in hundreds of automated systems worldwide.

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