Robot-friendly storage and incubation

Thermo Scientific™ Cytomat™ Storage Series provides robot-friendly random access storage of up to 1512 standard microplates and can be easily integrated into any automated system for multiple applications. The series accommodates a range of temperatures (Storage: 4°C to 25°C) and humidities, as well as gaseous atmospheres. Cooled storage systems can ensure a dry climate, via inert gas, minimizing absorption of water by dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO).

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Configuration options

The Cytomat system delivers the microplate to a single point, offering “easy-teach” integration for any automated system. A single loading and unloading point – the transfer station – makes teaching simple and cuts down the programming time, making for an extremely robot-friendly design.

These transfer stations offer a versatile placement of the Cytomat in the lab.

Standard configuration
Standard Transfer Station with Swap Station

Standard transfer station

This standard transfer station supplies the microplate in portrait format. A 90° turnable version is available for landscape presentation. 

Linear configuration
Linear Transfer Station and Plate Lift

Linear transfer station

This linear transfer station is available in different lengths (300mm, 400mm and 500mm) for extended reach and delivers the microplate in portrait format. Additional options are available for landscape presentation and lateral movement.

Swap station (180°)

This swap station accelerates your lab automation handling system by providing two plate positions.

Plate lift

This plate lift is stepper motor driven (SMD) and offers microplate movement to a predefined height within a 500 mm stroke. 

The right options to match your application and automation needs with internal barcode readers, stackers, copper chambers and more. 

Internal Barcode Reader

Internal barcode reader

The barcode reader is located on the plate handler, allowing retrieval of information on every position, even when manually loaded.

Microplate Stacker


The stainless steel, autoclavable Cytomat Stacker accommodates all standard microplates. Dedicated pitch sizes are available to optimize capacity for different types of microplates.

Copper Chamber

Copper chamber

The use of 100% pure copper as the chamber material minimizes contamination (introduced through door opening or sample handling) due to its inherent properties.

Additional options:
  • O2-control
  • hH – High humidity up to 98% at 37°C
  • Door left hinges (DL)
  • H2O2 generator ports
  • SiLA interface option
  • Many more options available
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