With over 7 million SNP assays now available, including 4 million HapMap SNPs, nearly 1 million coding SNPs and 1.4 million common 1000 Genomes SNPs, Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan™ SNP Genotyping Assays make it easy to perform human and mouse SNP genotyping studies with the precision of Applied Biosystems™ TaqMan reagent–based chemistry. TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays offer SNP detection capabilities, high-confidence results, and will help accelerate your research.

  • Large selection of SNP assays so you can advance your validation and screening studies for disease association and population stratification applications
  • Easy-to-use, single-tube format
  • Robust assay design provides highly accurate, reproducible and reliable results
  • Easy assay ordering and a simple workflow enable quick results
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Discrimination: 5' nuclease assay to discriminate between 2 alleles of a specific SNP for use in genotyping studies.
Assay Components: Each pre-formulated assay contains:
  • 2 unlabelled PCR primers: (forward and reverse (primers at 900 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems™ VIC™ dye—MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 1 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
  • 1 Applied Biosystems™ 6FAM™ dye—MGB labeled probe detects the Allele 2 sequence (probes at 200 nM final concentration)
Reactions: Sufficient for 750, 1,500, 5,000, or 12,000 5 uL reactions in a 384-well plate, depending on product type and scale ordered.
Documentation: Available to download at thermofisher.com/taqmanfiles:
  • Protocol for TaqMan SNP Genotyping Assays products (pdf file)
  • Product Insert (pdf file)
  • Assay Information File (tab delimited text format)
  • Understanding Your Assay Information (text file)
Assay Information File: Includes sales order number, part number, assay ID, probe and primer concentrations, and Context Sequence. Also includes NCBI dbSNP ID, chromosome location, cytogenic location, gene association, SNP type, and Applied Biosystems minor allele frequencies, if applicable.

The Context Sequence is the nucleotide sequence surrounding the SNP site and is provided in the (+) genome strand orientation relative to the NCBI reference genome. The SNP alleles are included in brackets, where the order of the alleles corresponds to the association with probe reporter dyes, where [Allele 1 = VIC dye / Allele 2 = FAM dye].
  • 2D barcode laser-etched on the bottom of each assay tube
  • 1D barcode printed on each rack of tubes
Shipping and Storage

Shipped at ambient temperature.
Store at –15ºC to –25ºC.

White Paper: Ambient Temperature Shipping Reduces Environmental Impact and Retains Quality and Stability

Catalog # - Human Catalog # - Mouse** Size No. of 25 µL reactions (96-well) No. of 10 µL reactions (96-fast) No. of 5 µL reactions (384-well)
4351379 4351384 S: 40X 300 750 1,500
4351376 4351382 M: 40X 1,000 2,500 5,000
4351374 4351380 L: 80X 2,400 6,000 12,000

Need a different dye, scale, or reaction volume? Use our TaqMan Custom Assay and Oligo Manufacturing Service

Approximate delivery times are 4–6 days in the US and 6–10 days in Europe. 

** View mouse strain information in Excel or text format.