Expi293 Expression System

Trust the industry standard for rapid, high-yield transient HEK 293 expression

Every minute counts when it comes to expressing drug candidates. That’s why the Gibco Expi293 Expression System is the tried-and-true choice for transient expression in 293 cells. This rapid, high-yield system allows you to access recombinant 293–derived proteins in just five to seven days, so you get what you need faster.

“I can produce more protein in less volume and less time, that’s fantastic! It’s like enjoying the benefits of a stable cell line system, without going through the hassle of establishing one. Now we scale up and we can get what we need. It’s robust, it’s scalable, and it’s reproducible. It’s great.”  Joe Sheffer, Senior Research Associate at AnaptysBio, Inc.

Expi293 Expression System videos

Transient Protein Expression—Expi293 Expression System
Expi293: Transient HEK 293 Expression Protocol
Expi293 Expression System - Meet the inventor series

What’s in the system?

The Expi293 Expression System brings together a high-expressing 293 cell line, a chemically defined serum–free culture medium, and a high-efficiency transfection reagent with specialized enhancers.

  • 2 vials of frozen Gibco Expi293F Cells
  • 1 L of Gibco Expi293 Expression Medium
  • 1 Gibco ExpiFectamine 293 Transfection Kit, sufficient to transfect 1 L of culture
  • Gibco Opti-MEM I Reduced Serum Medium
  • An antibody-expressing positive control vector

Get more protein while reducing hands-on time and waste

The Expi293 Expression System is designed to deliver up to 6x more protein production in just one week, compared with other transient 293 systems that can take two weeks or more. And it requires less plasticware, which means less waste and more incubator space.

“In all my years working with transient expression systems the Expi293 Expression System is the first one to achieve 2.3 grams per liter, beating every other HEK293 transient expression system.”  Large pharmaceutical company

Expi293 MembranePro Expression System

For researchers studying G protein–coupled receptors (GPCRs) and other membrane proteins, the Expi293 MembranePro Expression System is designed to deliver enriched, functional membrane proteins with high efficiency, scalability, and reliability.

  • Efficient—20x greater membrane protein yield compared to the adherent system
  • Scalable—easy scale-up without the need for multiple flasks
  • Easy to use—no enzymatic or mechanical dissociation required

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Study correctly folded, active protein and assembled complexes

The Expi293 Expression System is based on expression in mammalian 293 cells, which offers the benefits of native folding and posttranslational modifications. Figure 2 shows purification of the HDAC3/SMRT-DAD complex from 293 cells and E. coli. The 293 cells yield a stable pure HDAC3 complex (Figure 2A), whereas expression in E. coli (Figure 2B) does not.

Figure 2. Purification of the HDAC3/SMRT-DAD complex from (A) mammalian 293 cells and (B) E. coli. In both cases the protein complex was purified using an affinity tag on SMRT: Flag-tag for the mammalian-expressed proteins, and GST-tag for the E. coli–expressed proteins. The HDAC3 was untagged.

Fully documented cGMP-banked cells

  • Fully documented cGMP-banked cell line 
  • Derived from the same Master Seed Bank as standard Expi293F Cells (Cat No. A14527
  • Pre-adapted to Expi293 Expression Medium 
  • A component of the fully integrated, animal origin-free Expi293 Expression System for applications requiring cGMP-banked cells 
  • Flexible commercial licensing options 

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Use your preferred culture format without sacrificing yield

The Expi293 Expression System is designed to support robust protein production in a variety of culture vessels. In small and large-scale formats—and everything in between—you can express the protein you need.

Table 1. Expi293 is cost-effective compared to other FreeStyle 293 Medium.

NOTE: Cost comparison based on list price in USD and protein yields of 1 g/L with Expi293 system.

  PEI w/ FreeStyle 293 Medium Expi293 System (typically delivers 5x yield)
Cost of 1 L transfection $548 $1,531
Culture volume for equivalent yield 1 L 200 mL
Total cost for same amount of protein $607 $324

Thermo Scientific Nalgene sterile single-use Erlenmeyer flasks

Sterile, single-use Thermo Scientific Nalgene flasks are made from light, break-resistant, crystal-clear PETG, so you can express with confidence. All sizes are available in vented or non-vented formats, and with plain or baffled bottoms for use on the benchtop or shaker table. See protocol for flasks validated with Expi293 Expression system.

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