Protein-Protein Interactions
ProtoArray® Human Protein Microarrays help you identify the right protein-protein interactions in less than one day. Isolate large, intact protein complexes using Dynabeads® magnetic separation technology and analyze these proteins by native gels. Study interactions of expressed proteins and select the best interaction partner using the Yeast two Hybrid system or phage display panning.

Yeast Two-Hybrid

Co-expression of proteins for the determination and characterization of protein interactions is achieved with Yeast Two-Hybrid technology.


Phage Display

Obtain optimal protein binding by immobilization of an antigen on magnetic beads, and screening towards a phage library. Using Dynabeads® magnetic separation technology, more positives are found and the amount of false positives are kept at a minimum.


Protein Arrays

With over 8,000 proteins on our human protein microarrays, studying protein interactions has never been faster.


Protein Complex Isolation & Analysis

’In solution’ magnetic bead protein pull-down is both gentle and fast.  This allows for large protein complexes to be isolated intact without breaking the weak ion-bonds between interacting proteins.  Components of the intact proteins can further be analyzed using native protein gels.


Native Gels

The Novex® NativePAGE™ Bis-Tris Gel System is a precast polyacrylamide mini-gel system that provides sensitive, high-resolution analysis of native proteins and protein complexes for molecular mass estimations, and assessment of purity. 


Protein Crosslinking & Labeling

Choose reagents designed for crosslinking your proteins of interest or labeling them for detection.



For small scale, reproducible protein pull downs, magnetic beads coated with protein A or G is a fast and automatable solution. Protein A  or G agarose is provided for bulk purifications. We also offer products to facilitate co-immunoprecipitation.