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Gibco Education introduces the Pluripotent Stem Cell Culture Virtual lab which provides an introduction to stem cell culture including tips for optimizing your research, best practices, quizzes to test your knowledge, and more.

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The Gibco pluripotent stem cell culture lab is endorsed by The American Association for Cell Biology (ASCB). Gibco and ASCB are committed to cell biology education. As part of our partnership you will receive discounted membership to ASCB after completing the virtual lab.

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The Gibco Pluripotent Stem Cell Workshop is a three-day hands-on stem cell training course in which our experience scientists covers techniques for culturing and characterizing hESCs and iPSCs as well as reprogramming techniques for iPSCs.

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Validate your expertise by earning stem cell certifications including:

  • Gibco PSC workshop certification—to earn, you must attend and complete a PSC workshop. Register today
  • Gibco cell culture certification—to earn, you must complete all four Gibco Education virtual training labs. Find out more
  • 24 Hours of Stem Cells event certification—to earn, you must attend the 24 Hours of Stem Cells virtual event and participate in various activities. See more about this year’s event

See what stem cell researchers have to say about PSC Education

"It was a great course, which provided me with useful information and more importantly, the 'hands-on' practical time that will prove vital in spotting good colonies! I would not hesitate in recommending the course to others in the industry.”

- Gibco PSC Workshop attendee, Researcher, USA

“I'm a visual learner so the virtual environment was very beneficial. It felt like I was actually in the lab going through the motions. Great to see such a realistic approach to research!”

- PSC Culture Virtual Lab participant, Researcher, USA

“This is the best workshop! I would recommend everybody new to this field and trying to starting iPSC work attend this workshop.”

- Gibco PSC Workshop attendee, Researcher, UK

“A really cool, intriguing spin on training with lots of great information.”

- PSC Culture Virtual Lab participant, Researcher, USA