Save up to 50% on mate-pair libraries for de novo genome assembly*

Set up your de novo sequencing the right way with the Ion TrueMate™ Library Kit. The kit generates mate-pair libraries with an insert size of 2–8 kb with far greater mate pair efficiency compared to competitor mate pair kits, with chimeras largely prevented.

The Ion TrueMate™ Plus Library Kit works with high-efficiency DNA fragment shotgun sequencing to enable fast, easy, and accurate genome assemblies. This kit comes with a selection of restriction enzymes needed for the generation of mate-pair libraries (2-8 kb inserts) from any genomic DNA.

If you want to select your own restriction enzymes for optimal cleavage of their genome of interest, select the Ion TrueMate™ Library Kit, which does not include restriction enzymes.

  Ion TrueMate™ Library Kit Competitor Kit A Competitor Kit B
Library size supported User-defined,
approximately 2–8 kb
2–12 kb, with 2–5 kb more frequently observed 2–15 kb, difficult to control size
Chimeras Largely prevented, most chimeras detected Numerous chimeras, no chimera detection Numerous chimeras, no chimera detection
Mate pair efficiency >90% ~5% ~5%

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