Expanding Forensic Drug Panels

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Drug screens offer a convenient selection of tests for identifying and quantifying drug levels for a broad variety of drug classes in your sample. Routine screens for a known or targeted list of compounds or drugs of abuse (DoA) can be expanded to include newly added designer drugs, or expanded for specialized combinations for police, customs-border inspection, and medical examiners for determining probable cause.

Learn about the latest forensics advances to help efficiently screen more analytes of interest to aid your research and investigation, and improve your organization’s testing costs. Thermo Scientific's world-class chromatography and mass spectrometry (MS) solutions are available for expanding or customizing forensic drug panels. Our triple quadrupole mass spectrometers provide robust, routine screening for the broadest variety of drug classes in your sample. State-of-the-art high-resolution accurate mass (HRAM) MS Orbitrap technology reliably screens panels from a few dozen to over 1,000 known and unknown DoA compounds, and identifies newly added drugs without having to re-run your samples.

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Learn how industry experts use mass spectrometry, including LCMS, GCMS, IRMS, DART and more to research and advance forensic analysis and antidoping sport testing.


Download an overview of the current state of forensic chemistry and the latest mass spectrometry technology for identifying rapidly evolving NPS faster.

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