Our nucleic acid purification products are optimized to provide maximum yield, purity, and integrity from virtually any sample type. Explore our Invitrogen product line and other Invitrogen technology choices for efficient purification of RNA, miRNA, plasmid DNA, and gDNA. Learn about our innovative Invitrogen Cells-to-CT products for bypassing nucleic acid isolation altogether, as well as new kits to work with FPPE samples.

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Popular DNA & RNA purification products

Featured Invitrogen DNA & RNA purification & analysis categories

Sensitive, scalable DNA purification products to maximize efficiency.

Best-in-class RNA purification products.

Gels and reagents for fast and accurate separation and analysis of nucleic acids, including the E-Gel system.

Flexible systems for purifying both viral RNA and DNA that offer excellent reproducibility.

Minimize your hands-on time with our automated nucleic acid purification instruments for DNA, RNA, and plasmid.

Accurate and easy quantitation of nucleic acids with Qubit fluorometers and Quant-iT assay kits.

Featured DNA & RNA purification & analysis equipment

Centrifuges, pipettes and tips for manual nucleic acid purification, automation solutions to further simplify workflows, and a wide selection of general lab equipment and plasticware to help you complete all your purification and analysis assays.

A wide array of centrifuges and their innovative rotors are available for all your processing needs, supporting labware from microplates and microtubes to large-capacity bottles.

Meet the demands of daily pipetting and improve accuracy and precision with Thermo Scientific pipette and tip systems.

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