Online tools for analyzing primers, setting up reactions, and performing biochemical conversions & calculations.

Primer design and analysis

Analyzes the Tm, MW and extinction coefficient of a primer, and gives dilution instructions.

Analyzes different features of multiple primers simultaneously, e.g. Tm, GC content, dimer formation etc.

Restriction digestion tools

Performs double digestion with Thermo Scientific restriction enzymes.

Finds restriction enzymes either by name or recognition sequence.

Reaction setup calculators

PCR reaction setup with Thermo Scientific Phusion® DNA Polymerases.

qPCR reaction setup with Thermo Scientific DyNAmo™ qPCR Kits.

cDNA synthesis reaction setup with Thermo Scientific DyNAmo™ cDNA Synthesis Kit.

Biochemical conversions

Calculates DNA and RNA concentrations based on measured OD260 values.

Analyzes qPCR amplification efficiency based on the slope of the standard curve.

Calculates copy numbers for DNA originating from different organisms.

PCR fidelity

Compare the error rate of Thermo Scientific Phusion® High-Fidelity DNA Polymerase with other DNA polymerases.

Provides an integrated set of free tools for DNA sequence analysis, plasmid map creation, rich sequence viewing and various biochemical calculations.