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Review custom-synthesized oligos, primers, probes, and genes, for PCR, cloning, hybridization, real-time PCR, protein expression, and more, including easy ordering tools and convenient delivery times.

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Choose from standard deoxynucleotides, modified bases, and 5′- and 3′-modified nucleotides, available in up to five quantities and four purity levels.

Select dual-labeled probes and unlabeled sequence detection primers for real-time PCR applications using TaqMan probe-based chemistry.

Synthesize high-quality DNA and RNA oligos with the confidence from partnering with a proven global leader in nucleic acid chemistry.

Design custom RNAi oligos, or search our comprehensive database of pre-designed, validated siRNA or miRNA products available in tubes or plates with easy re-ordering options.

Oligos custom-manufactured to specifications. Choose from 5′-labeled fluorescent primers and primer pairs for use in fragment analysis on the capillary electrophoresis (CE) platform.

Design, create, and assemble the tools you need for exploring genomes. Link to popular tools including OligoPerfect, VectorNTI, Oligo Calculators, Custom TaqMan Design Tool and more.

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Our extensive portfolio of oligo products, whether ready-to-use or made-to-order, helps support all phases of genomics-based studies.


Combine custom oligo products with Applied Biosystems instruments and real-time PCR reagents, lnvitrogen Superscript and Platinum Taq enzymes, and cDNA synthesis products. Search our collection of predesigned TaqMan Assays.


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Gold standard Sanger sequencing to scalable Ion Torrent next-generation sequencing–achieve fast, accurate results with optimized applications, reliable oligo products, high-quality consumables, and simplified analysis solutions.


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Gene synthesis

Obtain the exact gene sequence needed in the vector of choice, with rapid synthesis and assembly. Use our optional lnvitrogen GeneOptimizer software for maximized protein yield.


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Genome editing

Create modified genes, expression systems, and stable cell lines using our editing tool kit including CRISPR and TALEN-based technologies for genome editing, detection, and analysis.


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Functional genomics

Learn how our oligo products and services support a range of strategies and solutions for investigating genomic diversity that fits the varying needs of today's research laboratories.


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