Labeling & Detection Products - Golgi
   Cellular Structure Probes
      Fluorescent Protein - Based Reagents
Product Name SKU # Sub-Cellular Localization Label or Dye Product Size Price USD Qty
CellLight™ Golgi-GFP, BacMam 2.0  C10592 Golgi GFP (EmGFP) 1 mL 445.00
CellLight™ Golgi-RFP, BacMam 2.0  C10593 Golgi RFP (TagRFP) 1 mL 446.00
   Conjugated Biomolecules
Product Name SKU # Product Size Price USD Qty
Qdot™ 655 Wheat Germ Agglutinin Conjugate  Q12021MP 200 µL 526.00
      Lipid Conjugates
Product Name SKU # Reagent Type Product Size Price USD Qty
BODIPY™ FL C5-Ceramide complexed to BSA  B22650 Sphingolipids 5 mg 286.00
BODIPY™ FL C5-Ganglioside GM1 complexed to BSA  B-34401 Sphingolipids 1 mg 284.00
BODIPY™ FL C5-Lactosylceramide complexed to BSA  B-34402 Sphingolipids 1 mg 287.00
BODIPY™ TR Ceramide  D-7540 Sphingolipids 250 µg 250.00
BODIPY™ TR Ceramide complexed to BSA  B-34400 Sphingolipids 5 mg 291.00
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   Labels & Labeling Kits
      Cell, Tissue, & In Vivo Labeling Reagents
Product Name SKU # Product Size Price USD Qty
Influx™ Pinocytic Cell-Loading Reagent  I-14402 1 set 151.00