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Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kit, 100-500 kb

Catalog number: A14230

Ion Torrent™  Related applications: DNA Sequencing | Ion Torrent™ Next-Generation Sequencing

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Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits provide a solution-phase DNA probe capture technology that enables selective, specific, and economical enrichment of customer-defined regions of interest in a single tube.

Ion TargetSeq™ enrichment kits are designed to enable the selective enrichment of customer-specified genomic regions, ranging in size from 100 kb to >10 Mb, for Targeted Resequencing applications. These enrichment kits utilize protocols optimized for small (<2 Mb) or large (>2 Mb) target regions that provide highly specific, economical, and reproducible enrichment of 96 to 384 samples with unparalleled coverage metrics (e.g., >95% of Target bases covered at 1x depth). Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits are part of an end-to-end solution for Targeted Resequencing that is automation friendly and contains simplified data analysis tools with the Torrent Suite software and the variant calling plug-in.

Ion TargetSeq™ kits are conveniently packaged with all the reagents needed to perform target enrichment, including all hybridization and wash buffers (available separately, see Ion TargetSeq™ Hybridization and Wash Kit), Human Cot-1 DNA® Fluorometric QC, Dynabeads® M-270 Streptavidin magnetic beads, and both standard library adapter and barcode library blocker oligonucleotides.

Other Advantages of Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits:
• Optimized probe design algorithms and high probe density for maximum target sequence coverage
• Integrated workflow with the AB Library Builder™ System, the Ion OneTouch™ System, and Torrent Suite Software
• Cost-effective capture and robust multiplexing attained by pooling of samples at the pre-enrichment step, resulting in a lower per sample cost
• Low DNA input--as low as 500 ng of total library input (per sample input will vary depending on level of pre-capture multiplexing that is performed)
• Conveniently packaged with all of the reagents needed to perform target enrichment portion of fragment sequencing workflow

Optimized Probe Design Algorithms and Highest Probe Density for Maximum Target Sequence Coverage
Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits provide a validated end-to-end turn-key solutions for Targeted Resequencing applications which meet rigid enrichment specifications and are economical on a per-sample cost basis. Highly optimized robe design algorithms and probe densities of as much as 2.1 million result in more desirable target coverage metrics.
• More evenness in coverage as measured by % of reads covered at 1x, 10x, and 20x depths
• Greater percentage of “on target" reads
• Higher number of SNPs detected at 10x and 20x coverage depths as compared to competitive products
• Higher percent of SNP concordance with dbSNP at 10x and 20x coverage depths as compared to competitive products

Integrated and Cost-effective Capture Solution
Ion TargetSeq™ enrichment products are optimized to provide exceptional and economical performance when combined with Ion Xpress™ Plus Library kits, the AB Library Builder™ automated library construction instrument, and Ion Torrent PGM™ sequencing systems. Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits are one of the first product lines to endorse multiplex sample capture using library barcoding and pre-capture sample pooling, which dramatically lowers the per sample costs and simplifies the workflow.

Low Sample Input Required for Efficient Target Enrichment
Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits employ a multiplex capture protocol that requires as little as 500 ng of pooled, barcoded libraries, helping to conserve precious clinical samples. The Ion TargetSeq™ protocol leverages barcoded fragment libraries to provide fast, efficient, and economical sample enrichment prior to sequencing.

How to Order
To order Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits, please download the Order Form and Ordering Guide below. Please be aware that a purchase order (PO) number is required to initiate the custom probe design request. A BED file showing the desired target regions and corresponding capture probe locations will be emailed to you for review and approval before the order is submitted for probe synthesis. If issues with the design exist, a scientist from our Bioinformatics department will contact you to discuss possible solutions. If you are not satisfied with aspects of the design, a point of contact will be provided for you to discuss any desired changes and, ultimately, a new design file will be sent to you for approval. The design modification process may occur until the design meets 100% of your requirements. At this time, your approval will be sought to submit the design for manufacturing. Once submitted, the associated PO number will be processed and the capture probe pool will be manufactured and delivered ~8 weeks later. The custom design forms and POs should be emailed to

>> Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits Request Form

>> Guide to Ordering Ion TargetSeq™ Custom Enrichment Kits

For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Technique: Post-Light™ Ion Semiconductor Sequencing
Size Range: 100 to 500 kb
Library Type: Fragment Library, Targeted Sequencing Library
Product Size: 96 reactions
Final Product: Genomic DNA (Targeted Regions)
Sequencing Type: Genome & DNA Sequencing
Template Compatibility: Genomic DNA
For Use With (Equipment): Ion PGM™ System, Ion OneTouch™ System
Recommended Applications: Comparative Sequencing (Somatic Mutations - 10:50), Targeted Resequencing
High Throughput Compatibility: High Throughput-Compatible, Multiplexing

Contents & storage

Store at -15° C to -25° C


Manuals & protocols